Our continuous intake model means you don’t need to wait until September, you can start training towards a career you love as soon as you are ready.

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With a background in business, you have the option to specialize in whichever area that you enjoy the most; whether it is human resources, accounting, marketing, finance, or management.

Eastern has developed relationships with industry groups and employers that allow us to provide the most advanced curriculum, the latest software, and the most relevant certifications so that you are ready for your career as soon as you graduate.

Whether you are looking to work for an established company, a small business, or would like to start a business of your own, an education in business from Eastern will start you on the right path toward achieving your dreams.


Man at computer with marketing analytics on the screenDigital marketing is an ever-changing field that evolves with advances in technology. Businesses require talented individuals who are able to help them stay at the forefront of those changes. When you choose an education in digital marketing, you are choosing to step into a fast-paced, challenging and very exciting career.BUSINESS AND DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIST


Accounting student working with calculator and study notesOur program focuses on teaching you the core accounting principles that you need to succeed in a business environment. From accounts payable and accounts receivable to cash flows and balance sheets, you’ll get the skills and training that employers want.ACCOUNTING AND PAYROLL ADMINISTRATOR


Accounting professional working eith filesOur program instructs you in the core principles of bookkeeping and accounting. From ledger entries to balance sheets, you’ll get the accounting training you need to succeed in the business world.ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN


Administrative Assistant working at a medical office with doctor behind with filesWant to master the basics of office administration? With our Administrative Specialist program you’ll learn the key skills office support staff need including word processing, spreadsheets, and intra-office communication. When you graduate from the program, you’ll be ready to take on the wide range of support roles available in offices both big and small.ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST


Business professionals in an office reviewing filesA Business Administration diploma gives you valuable insight into all of the roles needed for a business to function successfully. You’ll learn how to: apply management techniques, understand economic factors that drive business, read and prepare financial statements, and much more.BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION


Payroll PractitionerCompanies of all sizes are looking for talented Human Resources personnel to help craft workplace policies, source out new talent, and provide training and development.HRA + PAYROLL PRACTITIONER


Travel agent organizing trip for customerWould you like to help others explore the world? Students enrolled in the Tourism and Travel program at Eastern College will graduate with a solid understanding of the tourism industry, upgraded computer skills, and three industry specific certificates.TOURISM AND TRAVEL