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Come and discover over 30 programs at Eastern College, including online education options for you to choose from!

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Programs at Eastern

At Eastern College, we want to redefine efficiency through education. That’s exactly why we offer more than 30 programs, multiple workshops, and internship opportunities for you to take advantage of. Make the right decision about your education and take the next step towards a new career.

Our half-day classes make it easier to pursue your dream career, now more than ever. Plus, with our online learning options, you can enroll from any province in Canada such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. Become job-ready in as little as 6 months through select programs at Eastern College, and be on your way to success.

Our Faculties

Choose one of our 6 faculties and find the program of your choice.

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Your new career is waiting for you! We can assist you in planning your future through financial aid advice, career management, and by assessing your goals. Get started!

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