Information for Prospective International Students

Prospective international students can apply directly to Eastern College or work with an educational agent’s service.

If you choose to work with an agent, we recommend that you read Trusted Sources: Seeking Advice on Applying to Universities in Another Country to guide you through the process of applying to international educational institutions. You can access the document in English, Chinese (中文), Korean (한국어), Spanish (Español), and Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt).

Whether you will hire an agent or not, you can always contact us directly either by calling us at 1-877-297-0777 or filling out the form on our Contact Us page .

Eastern College Approved International Agents


Information for Prospective Agents

Eastern College’s vision of improving other people’s lives is not confined within the Canadian borders. We are always eager to welcome international students to one of our New Brunswick campuses and impart our knowledge to them.

Do you share this vision of ours? Would you like to help us promote the opportunities we offer to the international community by:

  • telling our story
  • explaining the academic strength of our programs
  • showcasing the perks of living and studying in New Brunswick
  • assisting the students in identifying the program that best suits their needs
  • aiding students in organizing their Eastern College application packages
  • advising students on applying for a Student Visa/Study Permit
  • helping students fill out the required forms and complete their documentation requirements
  • guiding students through the whole application process

If you answered yes to everything that was listed above and would like to become one of Eastern College’s educational agents, please complete the form here.

We will carefully screen all prospective agents and look for qualities such as:

  • top-notch business practices
  • excellent customer service skills
  • technological savviness

To compensate for your time and effort, Eastern College will give you a commission and incentive package. Also, our International Team will work closely with you to ensure we create and maintain a long-term, mutually-rewarding relationship.


Eastern College is proud to be a fully authorized education partner as per EduCanada requirements. EduCanada is a collaboration between the provinces and territories through the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) and Global Affairs Canada which supports the international education offerings of Canada’s provinces and territories.