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Home to our cutting-edge Video Game Development program and massage therapy clinic.

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Eastern College’s Moncton campus is located at 1070 St. George Blvd, just west of Wheeler Blvd. The Moncton campus is home to our cutting edge Video Game Development program, as well as a massage therapy clinic that offers services to the public.

Located within a spacious facility and near to downtown Moncton, the campus is within close proximity to various eateries, retailers, Centennial Park, and Jones Lake. Close to the Trans-Canada Highway, the campus is easily accessible via public transit.

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Want more reasons to join the Moncton campus? Here’s what sets us at Moncton apart.

Massage Clinic

In need of a massage? Check out our massage clinic at the Moncton campus.

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Review from our students

Eastern College – Moncton Campus
Lori A
8 months ago
Leona Arsenault
9 months ago
Kevin Guillemette
1 year ago
Great massage and helping students learn. Great program 👍
Jamie Coates
1 year ago
Starting my program at Eastern College was the best decision I have ever made! I truly feel like I am where I'm supposed to be, and I am confident that I'm pursuing the field that I was meant to work in. My instructor and classmates are amazing, and they continuously support and encourage me to be the best version of myself. I am confident that I will leave this program with the tools needed to have a successful career.
Soonhee Park
1 year ago
I just graduated from Massage therapy course at Eastern College Moncton campus last month. I am an immigrant and I am not fluent in speaking English, so I was worried before I started the course. But my worries were unnecessary. I was able to finish my course well because there were kind and great instructors and helpful staff. The theory and practice of the Massage therapy course were appropriately well-organized and satisfied with the quality of the instructors. Even when locked down to Covid-9, the college's excellent online system allowed classes to continue without interruption to the course. It was my lucky and great choice to meet Eastern College. I'm looking forward to my life of upgrading again through Eastern College!
Connor Perry
1 year ago
Louanne poitras
1 year ago
Barry Westhaver
1 year ago
Mohamed Yehia
1 year ago
best place to study and amazing teamwork
jennifer cote
2 years ago
As a current student at Eastern College, I would highly recommend attending here. My instructor Corey truly takes the time to listen to every students concerns or feedback, and is extremely accommodating as well as genuinely caring! She also takes the time to make sure each student understands the material fully, and does everything in her power to help if there's struggles. All of the staff, even the ones behind the scenes have the students best interest at heart, and with the small class sizes and only having class four hours a day, one module at a time, it truly helps students success. I do not regret my choice in attending this college, and I have faith that anyone who attends here will feel the same!
Dominic Bourguignon
2 years ago
Highly recommend the Criminology course they have to offer, the instructor knows their material very well and knows what their talking about, I had an amazing experience and the fact that the course is only 4 hours a day was very convenient! It allowed me to work while still going to school, they also focus on one module at a time so it’s less stressful. If you’re considering going back to school this is definitely where you want to be!
courtney spellman
2 years ago
Eastern College was the best choice I have ever made. I particularly love having only one module at a time!
Aaron Oxley
2 years ago
Great instructors!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very helpful with the staff. The school is very comfortable and will help you in any matter you can think of to succeed
Oliver The Kitty
2 years ago
Took Criminology with Jenn as the instructor. Amazing program. Not only was there an obvious amount of thought and effort in this program, it was ideal for all learning methods. Hands on work, tours, presentations, guest speakers are all just bits of what was put into the program. Fully recommend
Keisha Norwood
2 years ago
Amazing campus. Criminology 2017 graduate. Teacher Jennifer Blais was phenomenal.
Elliott Justason
2 years ago
I attended Criminology at Eastern College Moncton Campus. I haven't ever had a better experience. I previously went to other colleges and couldn't find what I was looking for and didn't like the teaching very much. Having Jennifer Blais as at teacher at Eastern was amazing. She coaches and helps you along in any way she can while helping you develop how to be you. She teaches in the best interactive way. She lectures by sitting in a group with us rather than in front of us, she uses visuals to provide a better understanding and can answer any questions. The course it self is explained and layed out very easily. It isn't hard to follow along and Jenn will always bring everything together to connect everything together for a better understanding. This course leads to amazing jobs and opportunities. I was hired within months of being in the course, and had even more job experiences once graduated. This course is worth taking with Jenn if anyone has ever been interested in this field. It will surprise you just how into it you may get even if you doubt it. Even after graduated I still stay connected with Jenn in case I have any questions about the field or something to do with it. That alone is why it would be worth it to take this course.
Sarah Jane
2 years ago
I was a criminology student with Jenn Blais at eastern college and the program was amazing. The small class size meant that everybody was able to get the attention they needed and Jenn was an awesome teacher that kept the class entertaining and engaging who genuinely cares about her students. I loved my class and the school very much!
Sarah Hachey
2 years ago
Denise Richard
2 years ago
Suzanne Azevedo
2 years ago
Such an amazing, friendly team. With everyone dedicated to student success it is no wonder that there are so many students finding their professional footing and securing their place in the workforce. There is nowhere I would rather be.
Dennis Hubley
2 years ago
Fantastic friendly staff who really care.
Breanna Walchuck
2 years ago
Tenni Walker
2 years ago
Deanna Allen
2 years ago
Best school with the best staff and schoolmates.
Anthony Waddell
2 years ago
The material that is taught is always hands-on and allows students to stay ahead of the "curve" in their career choice. Great atmosphere and caring staff make for an exceptional vocational college.