We strive to provide a safe work environment for our students and employees to study and work.

We want your experience at Eastern College to be comfortable and rewarding.

The College has developed policies to ensure students, employees, and all individuals associated with the College are provided with a framework for consistent decision-making and offers guidance to ensure our actions are in alignment with our Mission, Vision, and Values.
We encourage your comments, questions and suggestions about the provision of our goods or services to people with disabilities. Please contact Human Resources by mail, by phone at (905) 814-7212 or by email at human.resources@easterncollege.ca to share your comments.

People (P)
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P-101 Health & Safety
P-103 Anti-Violence, Harassement & Discrimination
P-105 Sexual Harassement & Sexual Violence Prevention
P-107 Gender Identity and Expression
P-111 Identification
P-113 Disconnecting from Work Policy
P-114 Electronic Monitoring of Employees Policy
P-121 Inclement Weather
P-131 Emergencies on Campus
P-133 Emergencies Reporting
P-135 Emergencies Preparedness
P-140 Staff Holidays
P-141 Hours of Work Policy
P-201 Accessibility
P-203 Employment Accommodations
P-205 Confidentiality
P-208 Wearing of a Kirpan
P-209 Dress Code & Uniforms
P-210 Recruitment Policy
P-211 Providing References
P-215 Solicitation & Fundraising Policy
P-217 Leaves of Absence Policy
P-220 COVID-19 Vaccination Staff NB
P-220 COVID-19 Vaccination Staff NS
P-221 COVID-19 Vaccination Students NB
P-221 COVID-19 Vaccination Students NS
P-240 Professional Development Policy
Academic (A)
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Corporate (C)
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Executive (E)
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