Study Healthcare in Nova Scotia

Study in an urban setting amidst a stunning landscape.

High Demand for Healthcare Professionals

Studying healthcare in Nova Scotia offers numerous advantages due to its unique blend of high-quality education, rich healthcare system, supportive community, and picturesque environment. There is also a significant need for healthcare professionals in rural areas, offering opportunities for those interested in making a meaningful impact in these communities.

Study Continuing Care Assistant (CCA)

Canada has a major shortage of Continuing Care Assistants (CCA). The aging population and a growing number of people with disabilities have largely contributed to this. Being a CCA is fulfilling work - it’s rewarding to hear clients and family members express gratitude and see smiles on their faces. CCAs spend a lot of time with patients, nurses, doctors, and even family members.

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Study Pharmacy Technician

The International Graduates in Demand stream of Nova Scotia’s Provincial Nominee Program is expanding it's stream to include pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technician is a high demand program. Graduates of the program can apply for a work permit and permanent residency in Canada before gaining work experience.

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