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Whether you’re coming by car, public transit, bike, or on foot, here are some helpful tips on finding your way to the campus.

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About The Campus

Eastern College’s Halifax campus is located at 6940 Mumford Road, near the intersection of Chebucto Road and Mumford Road. The Halifax campus features a fully-functional massage therapy clinic, offering services to the public at various times throughout the week.

Near to downtown Halifax, the campus is minutes away from several eateries, parks, and shopping centers, as well as historic sites such as the Halifax Citadel, Halifax Central Library, and the Halifax Forum. The Halifax campus is easily accessible via public transit.

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Want more reasons to join the Halifax campus? Here’s what sets us at Halifax apart.

Massage Clinic

In need of a massage? Check out our massage clinic at the Halifax campus.

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Review from our students

Eastern College - Halifax Campus
Angela Hix
4 months ago
Karri Kroeger (Karri)
4 months ago
mike hood
4 months ago
Eastern College, Halifax Campus. I've used their massage clinic. They have a good set up. The staff and students are friendly and effective.
Kaylee Wallage
4 months ago
I've been going to Eastern College, Halifax Campus massage clinics for several months now. This is an excellent run clinic. The staff and student therapists are very friendly and I receive awesome treatment with each visit.
Celeste Salloum
5 months ago
I really enjoyed the small class size, as I was able to learn and focus a lot more than in a university setting. Mainly because they focus on doing one course at a time instead of multiple courses at once. The instructor was highly skilled and knowledgeable in the program courses and eagerly strives for her students to succeed and do their best- All the while making each course interesting and interactive. Eastern College really does prepare you for the work place. I was really pleased after being hired straight after graduation. I have Eastern College to thank for that!
Joe Cheng (joeFNcheng)
5 months ago
Robert Pecknold
6 months ago
Chantal M
6 months ago
Mai Mot
6 months ago
I had a very positive experience at Eastern College. I attended the Pharmacy Technician program during Covid 19 restriction. They were able to provide us with a positive online experience and did all the adjustments needed for the return of our in person experience. Our instructor Karen was a very great instructor. She was very knowledgeable, compassionate, dedicated, encouraging and passionate. They all strive to make us achieve our goals and fulfill the experience that we needed for our graduation from the program.
Kady Scott
6 months ago
I took the pharmacy technician program starting in November of 2019. I loved the modular learning style of the program (1 course at a time) as it made it easy to focus and get really familiar with the material rather than taking 4-6 courses at once. The 8-1 day also makes it super easy to continue to have a life outside of school, like a part time job or even just time to study your materials. Karen, the main instructor is fantastic and is more than willing to help you out wherever you need it. Smaller class sizes also help with being able to have more 1:1 time or attention from the instructors. We were the first Covid class and despite having to do online learning for ~6 months, we did not miss any of our important in class time and we were not delayed in finishing the program. Eastern college also has great support if you need it, and they will help you find a job afterward graduation if you haven’t already found one before! A big plus with this program is that it is completed in a year (54 weeks) and so you have the ability to finish faster, start working in your field sooner as well as work towards your license faster as well! I highly recommend this program to anyone with the dedication and hard work it takes to be in pharmacy!
Shannon Salter
6 months ago
During my 54 week time spent with Eastern College I must say, it was the most fantastic experience I could have asked for. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, after meeting with the admission staff and working through selecting something that was going to best suit me, we came across the Pharmacy technician course. And let me just say, forever grateful! Karen the teacher is so kind, helpful and professional. The program was easy to work through and achievable to be successful. I would recommend Eastern College to any who asks, especially the Pharmacy technician course!
Sarah Buell
6 months ago
Jocelyn Plante
6 months ago
I have been going there for a year on a weekly basis and no complaints whatsoever. Nice students and nice staff.
6 months ago
jonah Sule
7 months ago
Emily Legere
9 months ago
I took the Criminology program from 2019-2021. It was such an interesting course and Terri Cooper is an AMAZING teacher. Having a teacher who is so passionate about the material they teach makes it so much easier to want to learn. However I took the course during Covid and felt like I missed out on a lot, not to mention I lost money due to not going on field trips. Some of the administration staff was fairly hard to get ahold of when I was trying to finalize my field placement. It’s a decent school overall, I just find that there’s an overall lack of organization.
Coretta Downey
11 months ago
Dana Brinton
11 months ago
Love it there. Working on my diploma in massage therapy
Bhavika Pithadiya
1 year ago
I have recently completed my graduation from eastern college in the course of accounting and payroll administration and get job at the same place I get internship. I always get support from professor and all staff of eastern college. Thank you so much to eastern college who support me through my study and after.
Sonya and Craig Penney
1 year ago
Had a massage and it was awesomeness.
Dakota Renee
1 year ago
michael cullen
1 year ago
We have gone to Eastern College for at least 10 yrs. For my wife's massage and mine. Never a complaint on our part. Come out feeling a lot better
Dong Ngo
1 year ago
1 year ago
Free hair cuts ✂️🤪
Candice Tripp
1 year ago
ola webb
1 year ago
I have been to the Halifax location several times. The staff are more than helpful and professional and the therapists are very caring and knowledgeable. I consistently have received an effective treatment.
Alison Philbey
1 year ago
We've had a few students doing their work term at Renovators Resource in Halifax, Great experience!