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Whether you’re coming by car, public transit, bike, or on foot, here are some helpful tips on finding your way to the campus.

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About The Campus

Eastern College’s Halifax campus is located at 6940 Mumford Road, near the intersection of Chebucto Road and Mumford Road. The Halifax campus features a fully-functional massage therapy clinic, offering services to the public at various times throughout the week.

Near to downtown Halifax, the campus is minutes away from several eateries, parks, and shopping centers, as well as historic sites such as the Halifax Citadel, Halifax Central Library, and the Halifax Forum. The Halifax campus is easily accessible via public transit.

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Want more reasons to join the Halifax campus? Here’s what sets us at Halifax apart.

Massage Clinic

In need of a massage? Check out our massage clinic at the Halifax campus.

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Reviews from our students

Eastern College - Halifax Campus
Chioma Tekena
2 months ago
Samantha Brooks
3 months ago
One of the best schools to attend! Did the CCA program and loved it. All the teachers were great and I had such a hands on experience.
Negaresh Navid
9 months ago
Wonderful staff, I was very happy with the Eastern College. The instructors are excellent - they're very professional and care a lot about each student.
Janet M
10 months ago
Great massages at extremely affordable prices! Fabulous staff. Good parking.
Elaine deBoer
11 months ago
Thank you so much to the students, Chris (from April) and Sydney (June) for the therapeutic and relaxing massages...wonderful! I wish you every success with your studies and your career. Great reception staff, too, very welcoming! I look forward to my next one!
Merle Travis
1 year ago
Massage Staff are very helpful, students appear to be well trained. All visits have been very relaxing and enjoyable.
Kyra McKeigan
1 year ago
I’d like to thank the staff (especially Doug, Patty, Anita) for making my experience memorable at Eastern College. They were so supportive and always there when you needed anything. It was a whirlwind of a 44 week program, but I’ve successfully already launched myself into this new career thanks to everything I learn from my mentors and instructors! Thank you!
jellybeanluver 07
1 year ago
My college experience was absolutely amazing and I have Halifax campus to thank for that. All of the instructors and admin were so friendly and helpful with absolutely everything. I am so grateful for eastern college for helping me acquire my CCA certificate for my forever career!
Vince MacGillivary
1 year ago
Wonderful place to go, staff are friendly, very approachable, student therapists are really good at what they do and very knowledgeable. I would recommend it for anyone. Vince MacGillivary, 😊
Aaron Tipping
1 year ago
Margaret has single handedly made my experience at this school 100 times more easy then anyone in that place. She's always ready and egar to help! She's always ready to lend an ear if needed too. I only wish I had her from the beginning!
Sarah Lilly
1 year ago
I was very happy with the Continuing Care Assistant program at Eastern College. The instructors are excellent - they’re very professional and care a lot about each student. The work placements are great, too, giving us a chance to experience many different work environments.
Valerie Spencer
1 year ago
We recently had one of Eastern's students here for a work term and she was a rock star! She was well trained and ready for the work force. We immediately hired her. It was a great experience!
Lorna MacMillan
1 year ago
Eastern College has an excellent Continuing Care Assistance (CCA) program. The instructors are second to none. I always feel so warm and welcomed when I go into Eastern College.
Kim Halliday
1 year ago
I had an excellent time at eastern college. Everyone so helpful and willing to help when you needed it. Would do it again.
Anita Keeping
1 year ago
I've worked here for 16 years and really enjoy the flexibility and autonomy the school allows me. This allows me to both meet my students' needs and also create better work-life balance for me.
Melissa Hurst
1 year ago
Maddie Hamilton
1 year ago
Patricia Webber
1 year ago
I started my journey with Eastern College in April 2022 to become a Continung Care Assistant and it has been amazing! I was really apprehensive to go back to school as I am in my late 40s but I have found my life experience has actually made me appreciate furthering my education and the knowledge I have obtained even more. The staff at the Halifax campus are incredible. You walk in the door to smiling faces and people who care about you as a person and truly want to see you succeed. My instructors have been wonderful, no question is off limits, and their knowledge and professionalism has been first-class. Their staff are willing to help you every step of the way, whether you have questions about finances, need someone to give you an opinion on your resume or just a kind encouraging word to let you know you are amazing. If you are wondering if you should go here, give them a call a arrange to go in and talk with them, they will definitely make you feel welcome.
Alexis Hewitt
1 year ago
Wonderful campus and staff. After attending 3 different universities and having many bad experiences, this is a breath of fresh air. Very accommodating and staff/instructors genuinely care about you and helping you. I'm in massage therapy and my instructor Bobbi is by far the best instructor i've had!
Kayte Shearing
1 year ago
My instructor Bobbi has a great teaching style and makes the material easily engaging :)
Carolyn Ruggles
1 year ago
I had taken Accounting & payroll administrator course, my instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Any time I needed help they were always there and willing to assist me. All the staff are very supportive and understanding - I could go to them at any point and time when needed. The classes may be only four hours long, but hard work and determination is what is needed to be successful.
Angela Hix
1 year ago
Karri Kroeger (Karri)
1 year ago
mike hood
2 years ago
Eastern College, Halifax Campus. I've used their massage clinic. They have a good set up. The staff and students are friendly and effective.
Kaylee Wallage
2 years ago
I've been going to Eastern College, Halifax Campus massage clinics for several months now. This is an excellent run clinic. The staff and student therapists are very friendly and I receive awesome treatment with each visit.
Celeste Salloum
2 years ago
I really enjoyed the small class size, as I was able to learn and focus a lot more than in a university setting. Mainly because they focus on doing one course at a time instead of multiple courses at once. The instructor was highly skilled and knowledgeable in the program courses and eagerly strives for her students to succeed and do their best- All the while making each course interesting and interactive. Eastern College really does prepare you for the work place. I was really pleased after being hired straight after graduation. I have Eastern College to thank for that!
Joe Cheng (joeFNcheng)
2 years ago

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