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Located close to many eateries, a local mall, and beautiful park.

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Eastern College’s Fredericton campus is located at 850 Prospect Street, near the intersection of Smyth Street and Prospect Street. One of the unique offerings in the Fredericton campus is the first-class pharmacy lab that mimics a real-world pharmacy for the Pharmacy Technician students. Additionally, the campus has an on-site massage therapy clinic that offers services to the public.

Located very near to uptown Fredericton, the campus is within close proximity to various eateries, the Regent Mall, Odell Park, and St. John River. Close to the Trans-Canada Highway, the campus is easily accessible via public transit.

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Want more reasons to join the Fredericton campus? Here’s what sets us at Fredericton apart.

Massage Clinic

In need of a massage? Check out our massage clinic at the Fredericton campus.

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Reviews from our students

Eastern College - Fredericton Campus
Brittany Taylor
3 weeks ago
Jennifer Harnish
1 month ago
It is an awesome school with wonderful instructors,
Jaden Butland
1 month ago
Started their supply chain and logistics program back in September of 2021 and it’s been nothing but the best! I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to take but they helped me figure out what I was learning towards and helped me make my decision! The teachers constantly supported me and we’re always there for me throughout the way!
Jason Diep
1 month ago
had a dun time going to classes and meeting new people. all the staffs were all friendly. sadly, it was a shame due to that it was an online course and i was hoping for in class experience. overall A+
Heidi Manzer
1 month ago
I went to Eastern back in 2009, what a great experience. I enjoyed going to school every day, all the instructors were friendly and knowledgeable. I came back to work here in 2011 and it has also been a wonderful place to work. I have seen it from both sides, everyone wants to you succeed.
Bridget Fox
1 month ago
Where do I start? I have always had a passion for the health care field. After starting a career 22 years ago I finally enrolled into the Personal Support Worker program at the fredericton campus of Eastern College. The staff like Chris Kantor, Heidi Manzer,and Shawn Stacey need a huge pat on their backs. I succeeded in doing something that I love and will continue to love. If it wasn't for shawn giving me a contact number for my CURRENT employer Edens Retirement Villa I'd still be looking for work so thank you Shawn. And thank you Eastern College for a job well done.
Jared (Jray)
2 months ago
Great instructors and admin.
Zeina Dabbagh
2 months ago
I had the best experience at Eastern College, my time there was full of lots of fun, knowledge, connections and preparation for work environments. Great instructors, friendly staff and amazing director (Chris) who makes everyone feel welcomed, loved and encouraged. Definitely recommend 👌
Anna Kudish
2 months ago
The best college in Atlantic! Gradguated with Accounting and Payroll Administrator Diploma with Distintion.Thank you !
whittney lynn
2 months ago
I had the best experience at Eastern College. I had a very awesome teacher, Mary for my PSW course. She was always giving us lots of study guides for all our courses and was overall and amazing teacher. The Campus Director Chris was also amazing!! She made sure she accommodated my needs to the best of her ability. I was very nervous about college, as I was fresh out of high school. But with the amazing staff, I was quickly comfortable and loved it!
Xowie Robinson
2 months ago
Eastern College is the school of second chances, whether you are taking the first step to build your career, or seeking to gain a career from your passions, the staff at Eastern College will make your journey as comfortable as possible, with outstanding support and encouragement from instructors and fellow students, This campus goes above and beyond with the administrators and the campus director taking a sincere interest in the success and wellbeing of their students. The staff is always eager to help and to offer a listening ear and advice when needed. There is no better place to grow and learn than the Eastern College campus in Fredericton NB.
Jennifer Davis
2 months ago
I had the best experience with Eastern college! The support and encouragement I recieved from the campus director, my instructors, program administrator and the receptionist!! All amazing people who truly want nothing but the best for you and want to help you achieve your goals! If your thinking about going back to school, then Eastern is the best place to start your journey! I am a mom who can now hold my head up and be proud and happy to go to work everyday!
Tiffany Northorp
5 months ago
Thank you Eastern College for everything! I appreciate the kind and supportive staff helping me along my way to get the career I absolutely love.
J Gallant
1 year ago
Great place for educational opportunities to better one's life and future. Working towards my PSW diploma and had a wonderful time here and with the staff members!
Melissa Goodine
1 year ago
Eastern College definitely exceeds the previous college I had attended. It is absolutely a non-judgment, diverse school teaching the best possible education caring for each individual that attends. The teachers are there to effectively advocate and educate each individual to their needs. Currently enrolled into The Child and Youth Care with Addictions class and, the instructor is amazing! Changed my college experience into a positive one :)
1 year ago
All the staff are very helpful and kind. The police foundations program got me accepted to start the recruitment process for the CBSA. Great school!
Keesha Hunter
1 year ago
Rebecca Lemanski
1 year ago
Extremely friendly staff. Very helpful and understanding when answering questions and helping you through the entire process of applying for school.
trevor anderle
2 years ago
Rosalind Fagan
2 years ago
door step resources company
2 years ago
Dean Bennett
2 years ago
I wanted to take a little time to share my experiences while still attending classes at the Fredericton campus of Eastern College. Chris, along with the administrators and facilitators have done, and continue to do an incredible job of fostering a very inclusive and supportive atmosphere which certainly lends itself to student success. The other thing that stands out to me, is the very genuine interest of the instructors to see their students be successful. This is very evident when new information is introduced, and instructors will take the extra time to relate it to real life circumstances and ensure collective understanding. I certainly am keeping my eye on the end goal, which is employment, but can say I am enjoying the journey at Eastern College. Well done!!!
GC Law
2 years ago
I have attended Eastern College, Fredericton Campus since early 2019 and will be graduating from the Police Foundations program in a week. Being a 2-year diploma condensed into 1 year has been challenging but enable me to achieve my goals faster! The instructors are highly qualified, retired RCMP with plenty of advice to share and passionate about the success of their students. The director, program coordinator, admin assistant, employment specialist and financial are an amazing team of women with passion for their careers and the success of every student. Academic struggles, personal challenges and career goals, all Eastern College/Fredericton Campus will make the time to help you conquer all obstacles. My year at Eastern College has dramatically increased my confidence in my abilities and I feel ready to start my new career.
phill smith
2 years ago
Great learning environment! The staff there are all helpful and want to see you succeed. I'd definately recommend this institution to anyone who wants to develop a career in the various paths offered.
Samantha Cormier
2 years ago
I always knew I wanted to work with the elderly, I had a passion that started with in home care. I decided to take the Personal Support Worker Program at Eastern College. I have always struggled in school and turns out I have ADHD and Dysplasia. Eastern College understood my struggles and did everything they could to help me make my achievement. I am a stronger person with the support of my college I am no longer ashamed of my learning disabilities. They never treated me any different, they understood if I was switching a medication because it wasnt the right one for me for my ADHD. Eastern has the same goals for every student. Teach, pass, obtain a job in your field and support the alumni's. I am very happy with my choice of Eastern College and got a superior education and am confident in my full time job at the nursing home of my choice! Brenna helped and encouraged me which gave me the confidence to really give it my all in my interview. They really cover every aspect of what it takes to be successful. The classes are small, which makes learning fun. You have the room to really practice what is being taught until you master it. You can really have fun with it! Also With the smaller class sizes, you can really connect with the other students and be comfortable in your surroundings.
Marie Kelly
2 years ago
I would just like to say, I have been speaking with Stephanie Mendes and she is the most personable and friendly person to have in this type of job situation. She has made me feel so confident that I can do this course, pharmacy assistant plus she has answered all of my questions, and has made me feel that I could really accomplish and get my diploma in Pharmacy assistant. I would recommend anyone that has ever asked me about a college to speak with Stephanie at Eastern College and she will give you the the tools to make a great decision for your future, She's honest she's intelligent and she tells you how it is. Thank you Stephanie
Krista Dawn
2 years ago
I received my degree for the Medical Administrative Specialist course at Eastern College Fredericton Campus.. The amount of support I received from my instructors/staff support and Campus Director was outstanding. The environment is very inviting and they have what I can only describe as an open door policy. The instructors are highly trained professionals that are very well versed in what they do and in what they teach. When you complete your courses here, you will leave knowing how to start your career with the utmost confidence. I am very proud to say that I graduated with honors and immediately had a job waiting for me before my job placement was even finished. I highly recommend Eastern College.