Study in Nova Scotia

Study in an urban setting amidst a stunning landscape.

Where is Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia is a province in eastern Canada, part of the Atlantic region of the country. It is situated on the southeastern coast of Canada and is almost entirely surrounded by water. Nova Scotia may be one of Canada’s smaller provinces in terms of land area and population, but it is renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture, and significant contributions to Canada’s identity and heritage.

Things to Do in Nova Scotia

From hiking, kayaking, and whale watching to enjoying art galleries, live music, and theater performances, there is always something to delight you in Nova Scotia.

Feast on world-renowned seafood, including fresh lobster, scallops, and oysters. Witness the awe-inspiring tides of the Bay of Fundy, the highest in the world. Or embark on a scenic drive along the Cabot Trail, renowned for its breathtaking coastal views and vibrant autumn foliage. For those seeking adventure, explore the rugged terrain of Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Nova Scotia Culture

Nova Scotia offers a rich cultural experience rooted in its diverse history, from Scottish and Acadian influences to a vibrant African Nova Scotian community and indigenous Mi'kmaq heritage.

Nova Scotians are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Community gatherings, local markets, and festivals are an integral part of social life.

While English is the predominant language, there are significant French-speaking Acadian communities. Gaelic, the language of the Scottish Highlanders, is also preserved and taught in some areas.

Life in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s major urban areas consist of Halifax, Sydney, and Truro. With a thriving industrial landscape in the fields of ocean technology and aerospace, Nova Scotia is blossoming into an innovation hub.


Nova Scotia, meaning “New Scotland,” has a strong Scottish influence. This is evident in the province’s music, dance, and traditions, including the annual Nova Scotia International Tattoo and numerous Highland Games.

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle between work and leisure is effortless in Nova Scotia, making it an ideal place for studying. If you’re eager to join the numerous international students who wish to make Nova Scotia their new home, fill out the Request Info form above now!