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Are you looking to take additional certification courses to help you increase your skills and give you a cutting edge? Eastern College Online now offers certificate courses that allow you to develop specific skills in healthcare, logistics, accounting, or business – all you need to do is sign up for any (or all) of the 7 courses, and start making an impactful difference in your career goals. Each certificate is a short-term commitment – complete any certificate course of your choice in just 4 months, studying 10 hours a week. With a small investment of time, you’re setting yourself up for a brighter future in your chosen career path. The certificate courses can be taken individually or can be stacked and built into a full diploma in either Supply Chain or Medical Office Assistant.


Here is a list of certificates you can take. Please note that some of these courses may require prerequisites, so get in touch with one of our Education Consultants for more information and to take your career to a new level.

Business Fundamentals Certificate

Duration: 16 weeks (10 hrs/week)
Skills: Computer fundamentals with an emphasis on MS Windows operating system. Gain a strong knowledge of all Microsoft applications include Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and MS Word

Supply Chain Customer Service Certificate

Duration: 16 weeks (10 hrs/week)
Skills:Gain extensive knowledge on Canadian business in the global marketplace. Learn concepts of logistics and transportation, purchasing, security, compliance and loss prevention.

Supply Chain Purchasing & Inventory Management Certificate

Duration: 16 weeks (10 hrs/week)
Skills:Learn importance of negotiation between partners in supply chain management. Basics of formation of contracts, the interpretation of contracts, breaches of contract and contract types. Basics of materials management, manufacturing planning and control systems, inventory control and physical distribution.

Supply Chain Transportation Certificate

Duration: 16 weeks (10 hrs/week)
Skills:Gain a deeper understanding of the role of the freight forwarder, transportation geography, various modes of transportation, and how terms of trade are used between buyer and seller in a contract of sale of goods. Detailed overview of how the importation and exportation of goods are administered in Canada. Understanding of key legislation and regulatory compliance, plus preparing various trade documentation

Healthcare Fundamentals Certificate

Duration: 16 weeks (10 hrs/week)
Skills:Develop medical vocabulary through the study of the structures and functions of the major body systems. Learn about the different classes of drugs and their use in the treatment of a range of medical conditions.

Accounting and Applications Certificate

Duration: 16 weeks (10 hrs/week)
Skills:Introduction to accounting concepts and procedures. Learn about debits and credits and how to analyze and record business transactions. Learn strengths of diversity, its occasional challenges, how to manage diversity in the workplace, and the value of diversity training.

Medical Practice Certificate

Duration: 16 weeks (10 hrs/week)
Skills: Develop clinical skills through demonstrations and labs include infection control and workplace safety (WHMIS), prescription handling, diagnostic testing, and assisting with the patient exam. Develop customer service skills, as well as skills in scheduling and preparing patient records.

How can you stack these courses and achieve a Supply Chain or Medical Office Assistant diploma? It’s simple. All you need to do is complete the 4 certificates specific to either of the two diploma programs. Once you have achieved all the certifications*, you’ll be eligible to earn your designated diploma.

Medical Office Assistant

Stack these 4 certificates to build the Medical Office Assistant diploma.

  • Business Applications Certificate
  • Healthcare Fundamentals Certificate
  • Accounting and Applications Certificate
  • Medical Practice Certificate

Supply Chain

Stack these 4 certificates to build the Supply Chain diploma.

  • Business Applications Certificate
  • Supply Chain Service Certificate
  • Purchasing & Inventory Management Certificate
  • Supply Chain Transportation Certificate