Our continuous intake model means you don’t need to wait until September, you can start training towards a career you love as soon as you are ready.

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Our Career Planning and Preparation course is a mandatory course that is offered in all of our diploma programs. We believe that by providing training on how to effectively prepare for the opportunities that await our students after they graduate, we are ensuring that they are ready for their new career.

The course introduces students to the strategies and components of an effective job search, including self-marketing and awareness, skills inventory, job search tools and the job market. The Career Planning and Preparation course is delivered by our on-campus Career Services team who are there throughout the job search to assist and mentor students towards achieving their ultimate goal of employment in their field of study.

Our team of Career Services professionals maintain relationships in their communities with key employers and organizations that recognize the value that Eastern graduates have to offer. The skills learned throughout the Career Planning and Preparation course at Eastern will continue to serve students in their job search as they work towards their new careers.