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Over the past few years, Xplornet has hired students from Eastern College as part-time and full-time Technical Support Specialists. They offer students the opportunity to work in their field of study, with flexible scheduling while completing their program. The education from Eastern College, along with the hands-on experience at Xplornet, provides these individuals with a well-rounded set of skills to start a successful career in IT.

Eastern College’s IT programs speaks for themselves, and that’s why Xplornet hires Eastern graduates on a regular basis. Our Technology Faculty has more than a few IT specialist courses, including our two most recent additions IT Systems Administrator and Network Support Specialist.  This arrangement with Xplornet ensures that students are equipped with both the employment and practical experience to excel within their careers.

At Xplornet, they pride themselves on promoting from within and many of their Technical Support Specialists have transitioned into network, engineering, and leadership roles.  They have been very pleased with the quality of candidates from Eastern College and look forward to the ongoing relationship as they continue to grow.

Develop Skills for an IT Career

Xplornet has hired Eastern’s IT students with high levels of success. Graduates are armed with up-to-date knowledge of the industry, and they’re comfortable working in a company with a learning culture. Xplornet has become natural fit for students to add workplace experience to aspiring students who want to round out their repertoire of skills and understand how to implement their education on the ground level.

This arrangement certainly paves the way for our graduates to start their careers!

The Side Benefits

There is more to this arrangement with Xplornet than landing employment directly out of school. It lets students build their résumés. Experiences are the building blocks of careers, and every future IT position requires some customer-facing experience. Learning how to communicate complex concepts to non-experts helps to set the foundation for senior IT positions.

Xplornet also promotes from within its own ranks, which means that Eastern students can expect upward mobility in exchange for their hard work and expertise.

About Xplornet

Xplornet is a rural broadband Internet service provider that specializes in providing high-speed access to locations considered too remote by larger telecommunications companies. It operates throughout Canada, including the Maritime Provinces. Its hybrid infrastructure of satellite and cable provide high-speed connections where none would exist otherwise.

Xplornet taps into a 4G network that specializes in streaming video, music, and other media. The recent surge in mobile technology has provided the opportunity for rural families to connect all of their home devices to the Internet, as has been possible in major cities for some time.

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