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It is said that most kids nowadays want to be either professional athletes, doctors, or firefighters when they grow up – you might have even had a similar dream way back when. However, life does have its curveballs, and very few of us end up fulfilling those childhood dreams.

You find yourself totally unsure of what just what career to pursue, but don’t worry—this is not unusual, and there are a number of free online resources that you can help point you in the right direction.


Have you ever taken a preference test? That is essentially what CareerFitter provides. By answering 60 questions, the site creates a scientific summary of your work personality and recommends the vocation best suited for you. It also lists specific jobs, ideal work environments, your work personality, and your personal strengths on the job, among others. Career Cruising and CareerTest.net are also along the same lines. Try more than one site and compare the results.

Career Exploration at the Job Bank

Service Canada’s Job Bank is an excellent way to look for employment and also helps users decide just which positions to pursue. Career Exploration instantly matches you to jobs based on the skills and experience you provide. Employers can also use the service to find candidates with desired qualities and invite them to apply for positions.

Essential Skills Self-Assessment for the Trades

Another resource offered by the Government of Canada, Essential Skills Self-Assessment for the Trades is an excellent for those interested in apprenticeship training. If you desire a career that best suits your personality, this site offers tests that go into even greater depth than ones mentioned above.

123test uses PhD level test developers and scientific literature as the theoretical basis of their tests.

In addition to career tests, you can also take tests of IQ, classical intelligence, personality, work values, and team roles, among others.

The Life Values Inventory

Do you feel the need to have what you do for a living be in line with your personal values? The Life Values Inventory Online helps users to identify how their values guide their behaviour. Other sections are devoted to Clarifying Your Values, Values and Life Roles, and Values and Flourishing. Use the results to help make decisions about what you would like to do and where you would like to apply your skills.

While surfing online, don’t forget that you already have a very handy career resource available to you! All Eastern College students can make use of our Career Services team and their experience. Dedicated to making sure that all of our graduates are job ready, Career Services supports you both during school and after graduation. Get in touch with our team now and let them help get you started down the road to a fulfilling and lucrative career!