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One of the key departments in a company, Human Resources is responsible for recruiting and managing an organization’s workforce. This can also involve screening job applicants, interviewing workers, coordinating employee training, and supervising employee relations. Another of the department’s key functions involves coordinating the company’s payroll operations. Eastern College’s Human Resources Assistant – Payroll Practitioner course provides students with a solid foundation in that role through a mixture of in-depth classroom instruction and fundamental workplace experience.

Maximize Your Skill Set

The more skills you have mastered, the more appealing you are to an employer. Human Resources assistants make use of specialized training and knowledge as part of their duties. Possessing a practical understanding of why company programs and policies are designed the way they are makes for a more effective employee.

Human Resources workers often play multiple roles, which expand their skillsets through the valuable on-the-job training they receive. As you successfully demonstrate these new skills, doors will open. Those with the drive to further expand their work and educational experience will find many opportunities available to them. Canadian Business magazine recently ranked Human Resources Manager as one of the country’s best jobs.

What You Will Learn

Eastern College’s 72-week program provides students with focused payroll training. As this is one of the prime roles in a Human Resources department, successful completion of this detailed program helps its graduates stand out from other job candidates.  Students will leave the course with an expanded knowledge of how Human Resources professionals contribute to the management of a company’s employees and an organization’s overall success.

Among the subjects covered in the course are software applications, computer fundamentals, bookkeeping, business law, organizational behavior, Human Resources management, legal issues in Human Resources, payroll fundamentals, payroll compliance legislation, recruitment selection, business math, and compensation management. In addition, students receive a five week field placement working alongside Human Resources professionals in a typical job environment. Taking the course also makes them eligible to write the Payroll Compliance Practitioner examination from the Canadian Payroll Association.

Career Opportunities and Salary Expectations

Both large and small companies make use of Human Resources personnel, so job opportunities in this field are consistent. Possible positions include payroll officer, benefits clerk, Human Resources assistant, job analyst, labour relations assistant, and training specialist. The current salary range for entry level Human Resources personnel is $35,098 - $54,006 per year with a median salary of $43,203.

Eastern College’s Human Resources Assistant – Payroll Practitioner course helps to prepare graduates for a career in one of the most essential departments of any organization. Human Resources professionals are skilled in multiple areas, which makes them highly desirable candidates for advancement. The Payroll Practitioner program ensures that students meet Canadian standards through training that blends theory instruction with individual and group application. Possessing job-ready skills demonstrates to potential employers that you have the knowledge and the drive to stand out in one the country’s most stimulating and rewarding fields.