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Congratulations on graduating from your Massage Therapy program! Now comes the exciting—yet difficult—part. You want to make the right decision in terms of where and how you will begin your new career. It’s important to explore multiple options in order to make the most informed decision possible.

If you are from Moncton New Brunswick, or would like to relocate to this beautiful area, here are some great massage therapy clinics that have hire Eastern College graduates. While exploring these options, keep in mind what you want from your career. Pay attention to business practices and values, and then decide what speaks to you most. Then begin your application process by building a rapport with the people who work in the clinic. A killer résumé won’t hurt, either.

Atlantic Sport Massage Clinic

This Moncton massage clinic offers therapeutic and sports massage options. According to their highly detailed website, they believe in the healing power that massage therapy can offer. They want to open people up to this idea. In addition to promoting massage therapy with the purpose of long-term physical healing, they also mention the potential benefits of relaxation and stress relief. The Atlantic Sport Massage Clinic strives to create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation for their clients. If this interests you, explore further details of this Moncton massage clinic on their website, and consider applying to this location!

Massage Addict

This Moncton clinic has placed a high value on making massage therapy a luxury that everyone can afford. Massage Addict emphasizes their efforts to provide an affordable but high quality service in a spa like atmosphere.  They offer a variety of therapeutic massages that include reflexology, hot stones, and pre-natal massages. To explore their offerings further, see their website here. If the values of this Moncton clinic coincides with what you are looking for in a career, this could be a great option to consider for your first job!

Namaste Spa

This Moncton massage therapy clinic specializes in a variety of massage and wellness practices. According to their site, some of the treatments include deep tissue massage, reflexology, and pregnancy massage. For more information, feel free to explore their entire list of offerings on their highly detailed webpage. On their webpage, they emphasize their efforts to provide a friendly, professional service. If this clinic appeals to you, consider Namaste Spa as part of your application process!

Launching your new career can be a scary process. However, becoming well informed on your options is a great way to start. These clinics are just a few of many countless options. Continue to explore massage therapy clinics, and branch out to alternative locations if necessary! You want to begin your job on the right foot by finding a clinic that appeals to your skill set and overall values. You’ve learned the skills, and now it’s time to apply them! Good luck on beginning your career in the massage therapy realm.