Our continuous intake model means you don’t need to wait until September, you can start training towards a career you love as soon as you are ready.

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With a background in technology, you will have a variety of opportunities. The skills you learn from an education in technology can be used across many different industries including medical, transportation, energy, entertainment, law, banking, and even financial services.

Eastern works with industry groups and employers that allow us to provide the most advanced curriculum, the latest software knowledge, and the most relevant certifications so that you are ready for your career as soon as you graduate.

Whether you want to work with operating systems, network technologies, or designing and developing video games, we will give you the tools you need to pursue a career in technology.


Cybersecurity-Lock-ComputerYou can join the exciting and ever-changing field of cybersecurity and systems administration! Almost no business today can function without computerized technology, which means that demand for computer and network administrators will continue to be strong.ADVANCED SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT AND CYBERSECURITY


Applications developer students coding around a table Application development has grown to be a lucrative career choice for those who want to use their creativity and innovation to drive the future of technology forward.APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER


Information technology administrator working with serversThe IT Systems Administrator program will provide students with the skills and knowledge to pursue certifications and careers in computer and network-related administration. Students receive training on popular operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Server and Linux.IT SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR


network support sepcialist student learning in a server roomThe Network Support Specialist program will provide the student with the skills and knowledge to pursue certifications and careers in computer and network-related administration. In addition to communication and support training, students receive training on popular operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Windows Server.NETWORK SUPPORT SPECIALIST


Game developers running code on computers and testing on iPad The video game industry has many facets and offers great opportunities for those who want to continue to learn, grow and wear multiple hats.
Game creation requires a combination of skills, including programming, scripting, game level planning, and sound design. Our program provides courses that support all of these skills. You will have the opportunity to learn, think and respond within a team, by alternating in each varying role.VIDEO GAME DEVELOPMENT


Two information systems administrator professionals smiling with an iPadDo you have a knack for computers? Do you love problem solving and logic? A career in Information Technology may be right for you, and our Information Systems Administrator program will help get you working in the IT field. Information Systems Administrators are responsible for maintaining and operating workplace systems and networks.INFORMATION SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR


Information Systems SpecialistThe Information Systems Specialist program at Eastern College can take basic computer intuition and transform it into a full range of skills to help you aid workplaces in the design, build, and maintenance of communications and computer systems. Through the in-depth study of modern networking technologies, graduates will be ready to not only excel in the industry, but also apply for a range of certifications to increase your employer appeal.INFORMATION SYSTEMS SPECIALIST