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Breaking into the video game industry used to be difficult, but now Eastern College offers a diploma for this lucrative career path. Our Video Game Design program is set to begin in January 2016—about four months away! It’s a 93-week program offered on the Moncton campus for people that have dreamed of breaking into this new field. Let’s face it: making video games is probably the most fun that you could have in a career, isn’t it?

What Do You Learn?

A convergence of design, artistic design, scripting, storyboarding, modelling, texturing, programming, sound design, level design, project management, and attention to detail above all.

Create your own design portfolio website that you keep for life. You can connect that to your LinkedIn profile and hardcopy résumé to demonstrate your abilities in a visual format that would otherwise be difficult to show at a glance.

You also learn how to use specific software to create games, of course! You’ll get a copy of Adobe Creative Suite, which contains a ton of individual programs that let you design just about every conceivable facet of the game you want to make. You’ll also receive the full set of Microsoft Office software, as well as DreamSpark Premium.

Did you know that you can also use DreamSpark to visually design apps?

This program arms you with your own set of tools so that you can work independently. Your tools aren’t tied to your future employer, like a company phone.

Did we mention that you get an Alienware laptop and an Apple Mac Mini for joining the program? This program includes everything that you need to get your foot into the proverbial door of the video game industry: the hardware, the creative design software, and the training to put all of it to use!

Develop Your Portfolio

You need to have experience and real games under your belt in order to land a job in the competitive video game market! That’s why you’ll create eight—yes, eight (08)—of your own video games to bring into your first interview right after graduating!

Your games will be:

  • A prototype game
  • A C++ game
  • An HTML5 game
  • A DirectX game
  • Multiple Unity games
  • Multiple mobile games

The program is designed to have students create such a diverse range of games because the modern gaming industry has changed so much over the last decade. Studios with more than 100 people were considered to be huge in 2000, whereas many AAA games have studios of 300 or more people behind them.

On the other hand, the rise mobile technology and digital storefronts has created an environment for independent developers and very small studios to flourish in a niche for small games. Video game designers can work in any and all of these studios, but you need a portfolio to show them that you’re qualified to do so.

Video games are fun, and your career can be too. Get in touch with us at Eastern College to design your new career.