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It’s said that the average person develops a new medical condition roughly once every 10 years. You can’t solve everything with surgery, either! It’s dangerous and expensive. Pharmacies offer non-invasive methods to heal ourselves, which is why they’re so important. You can’t sit in the emergency room for a lengthy appointment or operation every time something goes wrong.

Pharmacies are becoming the most common pit stop for the aging population. Taking appropriate medication for specific medical conditions and diseases is the norm for health care, especially for the elderly! Surgery isn’t the answer for the old or the young, as their bodies simply cannot take the strain.

That’s why Eastern offers the Pharmacy Technician program at Fredericton and Halifax campuses.

What do Pharmacy technicians do?

Pharmacy technicians work under the supervision of licensed pharmacists. They are the lynchpins of the pharmacy’s day-to-day operations because they have their hands in every task. As a technician, you will interface with the public, prepare prescriptions, and regulate inventory levels for various kinds of medication.

Interfacing with sick customers requires patience and empathy. People visiting pharmacies are sick, after all! They’re not always chipper while they’re sick. It’s not uncommon for pharmacy technicians to develop more emotional intelligence than other medical professions—but don’t tell that to other medical staff!

The program teaches you to coordinate, collect, measure, package, and replenish prescriptions on a daily basis. You’ll accomplish this with training in mathematics, which underpins much of the technician’s career. Mathematics for business shows you how to manage and order inventory as well as invoicing various people and organizations for every transaction. You’ll need to figure out how much is owed by the customer, insurance companies, and the government for every order.

The program includes lesson on anatomy to help you understand how certain kinds of medication will help the patients. You also need to understand how people need to apply their medication so that they don’t waste it through improper use. Understanding basic anatomy goes a long way toward helping patients become healthy again. Pharmacists themselves may be elsewhere helping customers, so you’ll need to know how to do it on a daily basis.

You will also learn about general medical terminology in the medical field. Some compounds with similar names do very different things, and you can’t afford to make a miscalculation when somebody’s health is on the line. Eastern College will teach you how to understand medical jargon fluently.

The Proof is in Accreditation

Fredericton and Halifax teach this program, and we’re proud to say that both of them have received accreditation from the government. The program at the Fredericton campus has received the status of Full Accreditation by the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs. The program at the Halifax campus has received the status of Provisional Accreditation by the same association.

Pharmacy technicians aren’t regulated everywhere across Canada, but Eastern’s program will prepare you for work under those regulations anyway. That is why our graduates find jobs as pharmacy technicians. Call us to discover when you can jump into this program!