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Feeling unfulfilled in your career? Do you want to do something more meaningful? If you enjoy working with children, a career as a Child and Youth worker might be right for you.

Working with at-risk children or youth is not for everyone. It requires immense patience, empathy, and inner strength.

The growing number of youths at risk is not just a small problem. The government of Nova Scotia estimates that approximately 6000 youth are at-risk in the province alone, as of 2013.  When you choose a career as a Child and Youth worker, you’re taking action to solve a major issue.

What are the benefits? You build a rewarding career in which you help families connect and, you get to develop your skills in the field of social work.

Emotionally Rewarding

The best part about this career is the feeling of empowerment. You become personally responsible for the well-being of the most vulnerable members of our society, at-risk kids. These children might come from unstable homes and look to you to provide guidance and support.

That’s why this career is so rewarding. You get to make a real difference in the life of young children, providing some of the tools for success. The motto “the children are our future” is merely a statement until you make it a reality. By helping kids in tough situations get onto the path of success, you really can make a difference.

There’s no doubt you’ll experience trials along the way. This isn’t a career for the faint of heart. Yet your success stories will be all the more rewarding when you look back to the beginning.

Helping Parents like Yourself

Not all at-risk youth come from broken homes. Often, parents don’t know how to handle problematic or difficult children. Neglecting these problems can lead to greater concerns, like substance abuse. As a child and youth worker, you become the pillar of support for a number of parents.

You may or may not have children of your own, but you can still understand the plight of raising a difficult child. By counselling families, you’ll feel immense satisfaction as you repair strained relationships in our most basic social unit.

Develop new skills

The best part about a career as a child and youth worker is that you deal with a number of situations, and learn skills that transfer to other social work professions. For example, an at-risk youth could be facing all sorts of issues from abuse, substance addiction, or even homelessness. Your experiences will prepare you for any number of career paths if you choose to move upwards or laterally.

At Eastern College, our Child and Youth Care program also comes with certification as an Addictions Support Worker. We understand that addiction plays a major part in destroying families. We provide you with the tools you need to understand addiction, and help families deal with the problems facing their children.

When you choose Eastern College to jumpstart your Child and Youth Care career, we provide the same level of support that you’ll eventually provide for troubled kids. Put aside the tedious day-to-day job and start making a difference with your career now.