Our continuous intake model means you don’t need to wait until September, you can start training towards a career you love as soon as you are ready.

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We believe that to truly learn the skills that are needed when searching for employment, practice makes perfect. With several hands-on workshops, we teach you how to search for positions that match your skills and experience, so that you can get working as soon as you become a graduate.

Below are some of the workshops that are offered at Eastern.

Presentations Led by Organizations
At Eastern, we enjoy inviting some of the organizations that we have built relationships with to our classrooms to lead workshops on various program-specific content. In the past we have had presentations on how to build a successful LinkedIn page, as well as how to maximize your effectiveness when job searching. Hearing from the businesses that they want to work for, helps our students to really grasp what is important in today’s workplace.

Field Placement Orientation
All of our programs come complete with a field placement, therefore most of our students are able to sit in on Field Placement Orientation where our Employment Specialists explain what a field placement is, how they assist students in securing a field placement, what the process is like once their field placement begins, and how to successfully complete the field placement.  

Career Fairs
It is our mission to make meaningful connections with employers so that we have pre-existing opportunities for field placement, as well as job placements. Our career fairs are an opportunity for students to meet with potential employers, and practice the skills that they are learning so that they are ready for the reality of job searching after finishing their program. Students are able to introduce themselves, talk about their program, as well as show the employer their resumes. In addition to practice, these Career Fairs are a great opportunity for our students to get started on doing some real networking.