Academic Quality Assurance

What is Academic Quality Assurance and Why Does it Matter to Us?

Eastern College is committed to creating and delivering high quality education through our programs which deliver our mission to turn students into job-ready graduates. Our mission and values are what guide our commitment to academic quality assurance. To ensure consistent quality, relevance and currency in all of our programs of study we have developed, a comprehensive process called, Academic Quality Assurance System (AQAS).

AQAS ensures all programs offered by Eastern College meet and exceed all standards of academic quality and relevance based on both professional and provincial expectations and requirements for post-secondary institutions so that our students are equipped with the tools to succeed.

Our AQAS is a continuous process for systematic, evidence-based research and assessment, improvements and planning for our programs and faculties to ensure that we maintain the integrity of our vision to improve lives by sharing our passion for excellence.

Step 1 – MAPPING - The curriculum is mapped formally to ensure ongoing compliance with the outlined outcomes, industry skills and expectations of the graduates.
Step 2 – SELF-STUDY - The programs are assessed using evaluation such as self-study, and other data-driven quality tools.
Step 3 – ACTION PLAN - The self-study action plan identifies ongoing improvement actions based on the findings in the program’s review.
Step 4 – MONITORING - The program report regularly tracks activity, trends, and implementation of the ongoing improvement options.

Program Advisory Committee

Program Advisory Committees (PACs) provide an essential link between Eastern College and the community. The PAC is a group of sector/industry professionals who help to inform our programs on employer needs and current trends related to the skills required for the field as they relate to the program’s curriculum. Committee members include graduates, employers, industry and business leaders and representatives from accrediting and professional bodies and agencies.


I took Criminology with Jenn as the instructor. Amazing program. Not only was there an obvious amount of thought and effort into this program, it was ideal for all learning methods. Hands on work, tours, presentations, guest speakers are all just bits of what was put into the program. Fully recommend!

Oliver (Criminology)

The material that is taught is always hands-on and allows students to stay ahead of the ‘curve’ in their career choice. A great atmosphere and caring staff make for an exceptional vocational college.

Anthony (Child And Youth Care With Addictions Support Worker)

To learn more about our Academic Quality Assurance initiatives and process or to share feedback on the quality of our programs, please email quality@easterncollege.ca