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Eastern College aims to:

  • protect the privacy and confidentiality of persons with disabilities, and
  • eliminate or reduce barriers to accommodate them.

We are committed to meeting our obligations under the provincial Human Rights Codes. This includes accommodating the disability-related needs of students and providing an equal and inclusive environment. If a proposed accommodation would cause undue hardship depending on the circumstances, we will consider several factors including, but not limited to:

  • the cost of the suggested accommodation;
  • the probable effect of the suggestion on Eastern College’s financial status and budget;
  • the availability to Eastern College of grants, subsidies, tax deductions, government benefits and other external funding, including funds that may be available to the student only, through government programs or otherwise, that:
    • are linked to the student’s disability,
    • would assist Eastern College in defraying the costs of accommodation, and
    • Eastern is entitled to use for this purpose, and;
  • whether the nature or delivery of education programs and services for all students would be substantially and permanently altered.

In specific cases, Eastern College will evaluate the request for accommodation to see if it will cause undue financial hardship. We will explore the next best solution to provide the most appropriate accommodation and prevent undue hardship.

Persons with Disabilities – Eastern College Application Procedure

Eastern College supports the accommodation of Qualified Adults with Disabilities to the best of our abilities within the context of the relevant provincial Human Rights Acts.

Any individual who presents themselves as an individual requiring accommodation will be warmly greeted and extended the same service provided to non-disabled individuals.

Admission applicants will be given the same testing and interview processes. However, these may be modified to accommodate individual needs. Accommodations will be on a case-by-case basis and may include an interpreter, extra time, a guide dog, etc. Individuals will still be required to pass the same admission competency tests, and any special entrance requirements that each program may have (e.g. fitness, police check, and health immunizations checks). Individuals must also be able to pay for their tuition, materials and other fees.

After an applicant has passed all the required entry prerequisites and has submitted their registration fee, Eastern College will work with them to determine how to assist with their accommodation request. Applicants who request accommodations will be asked to complete a Student with Special Needs Form. This form must be completed and returned, together with supporting documentation, to the Campus Director prior to enrollment in a program. The Campus Director will then work with the applicant to create a feasible plan to ensure their success.

During the meeting with the Campus Director, the procedure will be as follows.

1. The applicant will:

  • explain their specific accommodation to determine the nature of their disability.
  • document their educational history to assist Eastern College with learning of their past accommodation issues and solutions.
  • provide reference to previous educators so that Eastern College can verify the history and explore options.

2. The applicant will:

  • provide a written list of all the alternative accommodation options for their disability, ranking the list in their order of preference.
  • provide estimated costs for each alternative along with back-up documentation.

3. The applicant will:

  • explore other alternatives that may not have been presented.

Accommodation plans will be shared with instructors.

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