Accounting Technician Job Description

January 31st, 2023

Accounting Technicians are trained professionals who play an important role in maintaining sets of books, keeping financial records, and recording financial transactions. Every business relies on accounting professionals to oversee budget, payroll, and other financial aspects, and Accounting Technicians are in demand across a number of industries. They work throughout the public and private sectors, and can even become self-employed and work directly with their own clients. The duties of an Accounting Technician depend on the size of their organization and the needs of the business, making it a dynamic and rewarding career.



An Accounting Technician plays an important role in ensuring the financial health of a business.

What Does an Accounting Technician Do?

An Accounting Technician works alongside other financial professionals such as accountants to provide support while carrying out their own specific tasks and duties. They play an important role in the day-to-day operation of a businesses finance or accounting department. Many of the day-to-day duties of an Accounting Technician will require the use of computerized accounting software. In many cases, an Accounting Technician will perform bookkeeping duties, maintain and balance accounts, and prepare, complete, and submit tax forms and other documents such as worker’s compensation forms. Accounting Technicians often assist in preparing financial and accounting reports, and aid in managing payroll systems.

In some instances, an Accounting Technician may calculate fixed assets and depreciation and reconcile accounts to better support the business they work for. To meet the demands of their role, Accounting Technicians have keen attention to detail and strong organizational skills. In addition, an Accounting Technician will also track business expenditures and complete clerical duties to further assist accountants and other financial professionals. If an Accounting Technician is self-employed, they can be entirely responsible for a clients set of books, records, and other financial information.

“An Accounting Technician plays an important role in supporting accountants and a businesses accounting department. They maintain and balance accounts, prepare tax forms, and assist with accounting reporting to ensure the financial health of the business”- Carl Britten, Instructor.

How Much Do Accounting Technicians Make?

The salary for an Accounting Technician varies based on geographic location, years of experience, and the business they work for. Across Canada, the median salary for an Accounting Technician is $25/hour, with entry level positions usually paying around $17/hour. In New Brunswick, an Accounting Technician will likely start with a salary of $14.96/hour, but with experience can earn up to $33.33/hour. At the beginning of their careers, Accounting Technicians in Nova Scotia typically earn less, with entry level positions paying a salary of $13.60/hour. However, more experienced Accounting Technicians can earn up to $35.71/hour in Nova Scotia.

Can an Accounting Technician Become an Accountant?

To become an Accountant in Canada, you typically need to have an undergraduate degree and specific subject area coverage to become admitted to the Chartered Professional Accountants Canada Professional Education Program (CPA PEP). However, if an accounting professional does not hold an undergraduate degree, they can be granted admission if they fulfill the eligibility criteria outlined by CPA Canada. To be eligible, one must have at least eight years of relevant experience in at least one area of either; financial reporting, audit and assurance, strategy and governance, management accounting, or finance and taxation. They must also submit a comprehensive resume, official transcripts for any university or college education, three letters of professional reference, and a personal statement to their provincial or regional body. After completing prerequisite subject area coverage, they are then eligible for admission to the CPA PEP and can start their journey towards becoming an accountant.

How Can I Become an Accounting Technician?

To become an Accounting Technician, completion of a college program in accounting, bookkeeping, or a related area is required. These programs are designed to teach students the fundamental skills of accounting that they will need throughout their careers. At Eastern College, our Accounting Technician diploma program prepares students for careers in accounting by training them in core concepts such as bookkeeping, business math, finance, and intermediate & management accounting. Students will also receive training on industry-standard computerized accounting software. After completing an internship, students will develop real-world knowledge and skills, and graduate with the hands-on experience that employers want so that they can secure rewarding careers in the public and private sectors.