Career Services Is Our Competitive Edge

October 8th, 2015 / By Eastern College

Our team in Career Services is one of the most important at Eastern! It works with employers to arrange job opportunities for our graduates. It’s a win-win situation: the student gets a job opportunity and the employers plug gaps in their in-house skill sets as quickly as possible. Our graduates find jobs efficiently because they have the skills that employers want. We’ve designed our programs to feed directly into employment opportunities from the outset.

career service team helping graduate

After graduation, a one-on-one session with the Career Services team is one of the first steps in starting your new career path. This meeting can help you figure out what you want to do with your new career training.


You get support for life after graduation. Don’t go with recruitment agencies that may have a vested interest in feeding you short-term employment opportunities. Tap into our network of employers instead. Their positions match up squarely with the skill sets that we teach in our programs, after all.

Have job opportunities fall into your lap

Support for life means that—if you want—Eastern will keep a file for your skills, preferences, availability, and location for the purpose of connecting you with a job prospect when the opportunity arises. It’s a tough market out there, and our database keeps you in the loop without any effort on your part after graduating.

It begins with some one-on-one sessions with the Career Services team to figure out the details about what you want to do with your new career training. Some people are open to suggestions and opportunity, but others want to pursue a very specific goal. The team works with you to figure out your strengths and weaknesses as you progress through your program. A “weakness” in one job can be strength in a different position, and we take that into account while we compare our graduates with job opportunities.

You also get certification in many programs. That’s not an accident! Certification gives our grad a definitive and competitive edge over other graduates. Eastern’s programs also give you all of the practical knowledge and experience that you need to take examinations that require tests outside of the campus grounds.

Employers hire interns, too!

Employers hire interns to get the benefit of thoroughly trained students who are eager to work –that’s why they joined Eastern in the first place! This is the ultimate win-win for our programs: it gives students guaranteed work experience built right into the program, and that’s exactly what students need to succeed in today’s job market. Good grades and a general degree just don’t cut it anymore.

Eastern has a number of avenues for employers to contact a campus. You’ll find both employers and students present at our job fairs, guest speaker sessions, “lunch and learn” sessions, and student success days. There is always a way for employers to get in touch with the campus administration or with the students themselves. Every employer wants to see eager and hard-working students prepared to take the plunge, and these events facilitate that connection.

We all need jobs in this economy. Contact Eastern College to discover how you can start a new career with our different programs!

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