Eastern College’s Police Foundations Program

August 21st, 2015 / By Eastern College

As the old saying goes, crime never takes a holiday. In today’s modern society, police officers face a wide range of crime. The Internet is constantly providing additional opportunities for criminals to exploit. New societies and changing laws combating these cyber threats add to the usual repertoire of a police officer’s function. The police force needs officers that can respond to these new challenges. In fact, Canadian senator Colin Kenny already suggests that there is a lack of Canadian police officers.
police officers standing in front of police cars

The police foundations program prepares students for entry-level jobs in policing and other law enforcement occupations, helping them prepare for valuable work in the community.


The time is now to enter Eastern College’s police foundations program to help make a difference in your community. This program gives students valuable preparation for entry-level employment opportunities in policing and various other law enforcement occupations.

Police officers respond to crime scenes before anyone else, even if danger is involved. Police play a crucial role in keeping neighbourhoods, cities, provinces, and the entire country in order. Using nonstop monitoring systems combined with quick response times, police officers help keep everyone in Canada safe.

People working in law enforcement encounter new and challenging situations every day. You can learn all about these situations from our experienced instructors at Eastern College who have first-hand police experience that will prove highly useful. Develop the skills you need now to establish your career in the future.

Police Foundations Program highlights

Eastern College’s program combines practical, theoretical, and substantive knowledge in an accessible way so that students can prepare themselves for real-world situations. What better way to gain this experience than with a four-week field placement? This key feature of the program provides valuable expertise for situations that graduates can expect in the field. Successful graduates find themselves well prepared to make a meaningful impact upon program completion.

This program includes training for firearms safety, as well as CPR and First Aid. It also prepares applicants for the necessary steps involved in obtaining a security license, as well as the best strategies for police testing preparation.

What careers are available to graduates?

The police force is certainly one possibility for graduates, but this is only one potential career path for graduates. If you want to become a police officer, make sure you check your eligibility beforehand to find what qualifications you need. Check with your regional or provincial police department or ministry’s website to find this information.

Of course, the police force (whether provincial, municipal, or Royal Canadian Mounted Police) is only one possibility. Other careers include the Canadian Armed Forces, campus police officers, by-law enforcement, customs services, correctional service officers, security officers, private detectives, conservation officers, park wardens, and a wide range of different occupations with court services.

Consider giving back to your community today. Learn the communication skills you need to succeed in any occupation by enrolling in our police foundations course at Eastern College. Regardless of the career you pursue, you need to develop strong interpersonal interactions with the community around you. Police officers develop trusting relationships with the communities they serve to make people feel safe. You can rely on the expertise of our instructors to help make you the next leader in your community.


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