Five Canadian Blogs You Should Be Following

November 1st, 2016 / By Eastern College

We have a number of wonderful writers in this country and their work provides a great way to learn more about Canada, its people, its culture, and what makes us unique in the world. While you can always discover new information by visiting the library or watching documentaries, blogs offer an entertaining, instructive, and easily accessible alternative. You can even sign up for mailing lists so that you receive a notice whenever the author(s) updates them.

Here are five notable Canadian blogs to add to your bookmarks:

Canadian flag on laptop keyboard

Our country is home to many talented writers whose work provides a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Canada, its people, its culture, and what makes us so unique.

A Canadian Foodie

We all love to eat and Valerie Lugonja’s blog is a celebration of different types of cooking. Based in Edmonton, she concentrates on Canadian Prairie Cuisine, but also looks at food from other parts of the world. No matter where she is travelling, however, Valerie’s love of both food and its preparation is infectious and makes for consistently engaging reading. This blog will leave you full of information, but starving for the food showcased!

Is this your very favourite type of blog? Discover more at Food Bloggers of Canada.

Living Abroad in Canada

Are you new to the country or do you have friends or relatives planning on relocating here? There are many different things that need to be considered—even by Americans—and this site offers informative reading on just about all of them. Living Abroad in Canada includes sections devoted to topics such as finding a job, starting a business, housing, education, health care, retirement, studying in this country, top ten places to live, Canadian currency and banking, and all of the government paperwork you will have to fill out.

Maple Leaf Mommy

Labeled “A Canadian Mom’s Life: Family, Food & Fun”, this colourful blog delivers family-related content with a Canadian emphasis. It includes such expected areas as recipes, games, gardening, tips on parenting, grocery shopping, and appliances. However, proprietress Deanna also shares her love of reading and traveling, and provides informative looks at a few more unexpected topics like medications (and how to survive a cold), and even what to do with a loved one’s Facebook page after they’ve passed away.

Anti-Racist Canada

We all hope for greater equality in the world. If you would like to learn more about the struggles specific to Canada, this well-researched blog covers a number of timely topics. Recent entries have included thoughts on groups protesting immigration, hate propaganda, and the proposed “anti-Canadian values” test meant to disqualify certain immigrants from entering the country.

Queen of Green

Part of the David Suzuki Foundation, Queen of Green is dedicated to making Canada as sustainable as possible. Blog posts centre on connecting with nature, protecting the climate, transforming the economy, building community, establishing environmental rights and justice, and creating livable communities. The posts are consistently informative and researched well, while also being accessible for the general reader.

Are you interested in starting your own blog or simply learning more about the blogging community in this country? Visit Canadian Blog House and connect with others who share your interests!


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