Four Ways To Make Your Commute More Productive

July 19th, 2016 / By Eastern College

Maybe you are lucky and live within walking distance of your Eastern College campus or place of employment. You would actually be very lucky—only about 5.7% of Canadians live close enough to be able to walk to work each day..

woman using phone while commuting to school

Many people have to commute to school and work, but commuting doesn’t have to be a waste of time. There are many opportunities to maximize your commuting time and get more out of your day.


That means commuting will likely take up part of your day. Depending on how far away you live, this can be a sizeable chunk of time. Some view this part of their day as a wasteful annoyance, but you can actually use it to your advantage.

Here are some suggestions on how you can help that time fly by faster and do something that is helping you to get ahead in life.

Listen to Podcasts

Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays and they provide a great way to listen to your favourite music. You can also use them to take advantage of the podcast revolution that has blossomed in recent years.

Podcasts are digital audio files you can download from the internet. They are the next evolution of radio programs, but anyone can create them if they have the necessary equipment.

Virtually every topic imaginable is covered by one or more podcasts. There is a very good chance that the subject you are studying or the work you are doing has a show devoted to it. As an added advantage, virtually all podcasts are free!

Brainstorm Ideas

Not ready for that meeting or exam in the morning? Cramming the night before only works so well before you get tired to the point where your memory starts to fail.

If you travel by car with fellow students or workers, this is a good time to discuss what you will be doing that day. Not only will it be fresh in your mind, but having others there also allows you to bounce ideas off each other. You can even record them on your phone using one of the many available recording apps. Just make sure that the person doing the recording is not also behind the wheel!

Use Your Phone

If you travel on your own, it is still possible to do prep for the day. Whether you travel by car or bus, you can always speak to others by cellphone wherever a signal is available. If your communication is not very involved, text messages are also an option. Drivers should only use a hands free phone so that their concentration can remain focused on driving.

Develop or Enhance Other Skills

The learning time you spend while commuting does not necessarily have to directly relate to your current work. Any way to expand your knowledge will benefit you in one way or another. At the very least, it provides you with additional skills for your résumé.

So take this time to acquire skills in a new language or learn from an audiobook about a subject that has always interested you.

Commuting is a fact of life for many of us, but it does not have to be a waste of time. Use this chance to further maximize your time and get the most of every school or work day!


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