The Best Things About Being An Interior Decorator

December 13th, 2016 / By Eastern College

If you are the type of person who spent a great deal of time designing your own perfect living space, you can share those talents with the world. The more you exercise your artistic senses, the more fine-tuned and inspired the results.
interior designer looking at different swatches of paint colours in front of interior design images and supplies

Good interior designers are experts in improving a space by making it better suited to its purpose by creating more space and improving the lighting, colours, textures, patterns, scale, and size.

You Decorate More than Just Homes

People automatically think of homes when the subject of interior decorators comes up. However, homes are just the beginning! Interior decorators use their talents anywhere people live or work. Think about all of the possibilities if you decorated a department store. How about a restaurant, a spa, or even a yacht? You will have numerous opportunities to let your imagination run wild!

You Regularly Meet New People

It definitely helps to be a people person if you choose this role. Before any interior decorator begins their work, they meet with the client and find out what they like and don’t like. The more open the communication, the better the results. If you love meeting new people and running ideas by them, you are halfway there.

You Frequently Experience Satisfaction

There are several fields where workers receive creative satisfaction, but interior decorators enjoy it on a regular basis. You establish a plan, locate the components, and bring your design into existence. It is also the sort of eye-catching creativity that can regularly lead to more job offers.

Think about the enjoyment and creative satisfaction you got from working on your own home—now imagine a job that allows you to experience those feelings on a regular basis. Very appealing!

Many interior decorators also work independently and enjoy the work and lifestyle perks that come from being their own boss.

The Canadian Decorators’ Association recognizes Eastern College’s Interior Decorating Program as a valuable starting point for those wishing to enter into this dynamic and exciting field.

In addition to learning practical and business skills in the classroom, students also receive a month-long field placement.



Grads are ready for such vocational options as Interior Decorator Consultant, Interior Decorator, Interior Design Technician, Kitchen Designer, Office Space Planner, and Retail Space Planner. Enroll now in Eastern College’s Interior Decorating Program and design your future so that it is everything you have dreamed of!


Check out our Interior Decorating program page to learn more about this program and get started on a rewarding career.