Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Eastern College’s Diversity Council promotes diversity and inclusion by providing oversight on diversity efforts and promoting awareness through various strategic initiatives.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Policy Statement:


Eastern College is committed to the diversity of our students, staff, and community by fostering an environment that is inclusive, supporting and welcoming to all.  As this is strategically very important to us, it led to the creation of our Diversity and Inclusion Council in 2020.  Made up of members from our campuses, our Diversity and Inclusion Council is a critical driver in fostering real organizational change; by establishing a dedicated focus on diversity and inclusion priorities, and managing this program, our Diversity and Inclusion Council will ensure that we are promoting respect, inclusion, belonging, opportunity, and community in our organization.

As we continue forward on our path of sharing our knowledge and passion for excellence, we will ensure that every step on the way has Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging as a core value and focus.


Objective & Mission of our Diversity and Inclusion Council

The Diversity Council helps create accountability for achieving diversity and inclusion (D&I) plans, provides oversight on diversity efforts, and promotes company-wide communication on progress. An effective council ensures that the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) program is integrated with the company’s mission, strategies, and operations. The Council is a critical driver in fostering real organizational change, establishing a dedicated focus on DEI priorities, and managing the DEI program. Moreover, they oversee and assess the effectiveness of the DEI function and introduce improvements when needed. The primary role of the Council is to connect DEI activities to a broader business-driven, results-oriented strategy.

Our Council is focused on five main pillars:

  • Awareness-Building – With the intention of enhancing staff engagement through education and awareness.
  • Data Collection – With goals around better understanding the dynamics of our student and staff body.
  • Training and Enablement – To create and source resources for staff and students.
  • Employee attraction and retention – To examine our intake and hiring processes to ensure we attract and support diverse talent.
  • Process Procedure & Policy inclusive language – To review and audit our business’ policies, processes, and program material to promote a more inclusive practice at all levels of our company.