Gem Healthcare Group Partnership

Thinking About a Career in Healthcare?

Interested in a career with endless employment opportunities and free tuition for training? Due to the increasing number of aging Canadians, Continuing Care Assistants  (CCAs) are in high demand in Nova Scotia. The need for CCAs is only expected to rise and create more career opportunities in the future. Being a CCA is fulling work and with a strong employment outlook working as a CCA has never been more advantageous!

Right now, the Nova Scotia government is providing funding to select healthcare facilities to train individuals who see themselves working in this meaningful and important role in Healthcare. Training is delivered by Eastern College in partnership with the chosen long-term care facilities.

Gem Healthcare Group have been selected to partner with Eastern College to provide free CCA training. Call Susan Hunt at 506-285-4989 to reserve your seat!

Continuing Care Assistant – Progressive Education Program

What’s Included in the Continuing Care Assistant – PE Program?
    • 100% free tuition including books and exam fees
    • 40-week program with classes offered remotely so you can learn from anywhere
    • ‘Work and Learn’ model with paid work placement to apply your learning
    • Eastern College Diploma
    • Guaranteed employment


About Gem Healthcare Group

GEM Health Care Group is a Nova Scotian, family run business which has been progressively enhancing the lives of seniors in the communities where they operate since 1979. Heart of the Valley is a state of the art nursing home facility catering to those who require supervision or assistance in performing their activities of daily living.