Healthcare Heroes in the COVID era

Join us for Healthcare Heroes in the COVID era (a virtual event) and discover the ways that Massage Therapy has evolved. No sector has been as essential during the pandemic as healthcare. Find out all you need to know to build your new career and help shape the future of your community!


Here’s a quick look at what you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to Massage Therapy and its many benefits to our overall health and well being
  • The type of training included in the Massage Therapy program at Eastern (neurology, cardiology, etc.)
  • The importance of clinics and how they help in career preparation
  • The future and demand for healthcare professionals beyond the pandemic
  • How to access training for an essential career in healthcare
  • In-depth Q & A session with industry experts
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Date & Time

August 18, 2020
5:30 pm - 6:15 pm

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