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Develop skills and techniques to apply makeup professionally and learn the Beauty and Cosmetics industry. Find success working as Makeup Artists/Technicians, entrepreneurs, and other positions related to the cosmetic field in this dynamic and creative industry.

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About The Program

The Makeup Artistry Technician Diploma program will provide students with practical makeup application techniques and knowledge in multiple aspects of the industry such as Special Effects (SFX), Skincare, Lash Technician, Bridal, Film and more. Students will also learn all aspects of the cosmetic business as they develop their technical skills. A 4-week field placement is offered for students to gain more hands-on experience.

Career Opportunities

The Makeup Artistry Technician program will qualify grads to pursue positions in Television, Film and Theatre, Salons and Beauty Studios, Retail and Wholesale Cosmetics. Graduates can expect to find work in positions such as but not limited to: Wholesale Cosmetic Representative, Makeup/Beauty Advisor at Fashion Shows, Makeup Consultant for Bridal and Glamour, Cosmetic Co-Ordinator, Account Manager, Distributor, Freelance Makeup Artist, Freelance Lash Technician, and Freelance Demonstrator. Students may also find successful brand collaboration opportunities through social media.

Employers Who Have Hired Eastern Grads

  • Makeup Forever
  • Sephora
  • Glow Parties
  • Halifax Boudoir Photography
  • Neddy’s Aesthetics and Spa


75 %

Employment Rate*

$ 14

Average Wage/hr**

$ 23

High Wage/hr**

*Employment Rate based on 2019 contactable Eastern graduates employed in a related field.


NOC Code: 6562 - **Wage data rounded down to the nearest dollar, and based on Nova Scotia data. Local (or regional) income may vary. Last updated in July, 2021.

Program Details

Are you looking to unleash your creativity? Go behind the scenes of film, television, photography, fashion, and theatre with a career in Makeup Artistry through Eastern College. Collaborate with artists from a variety of industries in this thriving field.

As Atlantic Canada’s most comprehensive makeup artistry program, you’ll be trained in crafting fashion looks, using special effects makeup, and how to market yourself and establish relationships with a diverse range of clients.

Students enrolled in the program receive:

  • Makeup Artist Technician Diploma
  • Lash Technician certification
  • 4-Week field placement
  • Registration with the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia
  • Preparation to write the licensing exam of the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia
  • Foundation to work in the Maritime motion picture industry

Makeup Artistry is legislated as a licensed trade within Nova Scotia. Upon successful completion of this program you will receive a diploma in Makeup Artistry Technician and be prepared to write the licensing exam of the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia.

Passing this exam allows you to receive your license in Makeup Artistry. Only license holders are able to perform make-up applications professionally.

The Makeup Artistry Technician Diploma program offers a strong and thorough foundation in makeup artistry, an important consideration for those wanting to participate in the Maritime motion picture industry. It is also a prerequisite towards obtaining membership within the motion picture workforce.

Students should check with local film technician organizations and associations for up to date prerequisites and requirements for membership.

Course Listings: Nova Scotia
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Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. The Art of Cosmetics
In this course, students learn color theory and how color selection is determined by facial features; Recognize different facial features and identify which techniques and make up colors are used to enhance or disguise different features. Students identify the components of the color wheel; describe the difference between warm and cool colors and describe how color harmony influences make up color choices. This course prepare students to use color to accentuate features while also using the principles of color theory to camouflage skin issues.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. CANS Exam Preparation
In this course, students will review the regulations, rules, and bylaws that mandate the Cosmetology Industry in Nova Scotia. They will complete their final practical exam and complete the theory exam set forth by the Cosmetology Association. This exam is required to complete the Nova Scotia provincial exam towards licensing.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Cosmetic Hygiene
In this course, students learn and develop the principles and practices of infection control; identify the common types of bacteria cosmetologists are concerned with and demonstrate cleanliness through disinfection of surfaces, supplies, and tools. Students will gain knowledge of products used in the disinfection and decontamination process as well as proper hand washing techniques to ensure a safe work environment.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Career Planning & Preparation - Level I
This module introduces tools for planning and preparing for a successful job search, so that students can maintain a career-focused approach throughout their education program. Students will learn about the "Hidden" Job Market and ways to access it in their upcoming job search, how to research opportunities and network for industry contacts, and use appropriate etiquette when communicating with prospective employers. Students will identify their personal skills, values and preferences for the workplace, begin preparation of a professional resume and references, and organize proof documents for their career portfolio. Class discussions on various self-management topics introduced in Student Success Strategies will round out this module, which is a pre-requisite for Career Planning and Preparation - Part II.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Career Planning & Preparation - Level II
This module continues to build on the concepts and skills introduced in Career Planning and Preparation - Part I. Students will learn how to conduct an effective job search and identify various methods of applying for work with today's technology. Students will create a personal list of "Top Employers" and target current industry opportunities, while finalizing their professional resume, portfolio and career correspondence. Students will learn to identify the different types and forms of interviews, practice responding to typical questions, and practice follow-up, evaluation and negotiation techniques they can use to ensure success. Self-management topics from Career Planning and Preparation - Part I will be reviewed, with a focus towards on-the-job success in both learner placements and post-graduate employment.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Standard First Aid/CPR Level C/WHMIS
This course trains participants in a variety of industry required certifications.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Evolution of Cosmetics and Fashion
In this course students will learn how current make up and fashion trends are influenced by history. Students will identify the first cosmetics and their ingredients; they will understand how these ingredients changed over time through the innovation and growth of cosmetics. This course will focus on how historical trends transformed into our current trends focusing on the make up revolution of the twentieth century and how television and fashion continue to influence trends.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Facial Anatomy and Physiology
In this course, students learn facial anatomy and physiology of the skin; understand facial anatomy to determine proper product choices to enhance features based on facial structure; identify the bones and muscles of the face and how they determine facial structure. Students will recognize common skin diseases and disorders to properly determine if make up can be applied. This course will give students a proper understanding of how faces are structured and how skin functions.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Field Placement- Makeup Artistry Technician
A field placement is an essential part of the Makeup Artistry and Lash Technician program. All students must successfully complete the field placement in order to graduate their program. Students are required to work at their field placement for a minimum of 20 hours per week for a total of 80 hours over 4 weeks. This course will give students industry experience working directly in the field. Students many choose a field placement working directly with make up to gain retail experience or a placement working under a professional lash technician working hands on with clients in a salon/spa setting.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Lash Enhancement Technician I
In this course, students learn and develop the skills and strategies required to perform lash enhancement services; identify the tools needed to perform lash extensions and apply lashes to clients. Students will develop proper techniques for application and removal of semi-permanent lash extensions. This course will educate students in the consultation process, the full procedure process and the post procedure process to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the client. Students will be required to perform 10 lash extension applications to receive certification in this training.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Lash Enhancement Technician II
In this course, students learn and develop the skills and strategies required to perform lash enhancement services; identify the tools needed to perform lash lift and lash tinting services as well as the procedures and practices for each service. Students will be able to complete these services on clients. This course will educate students in the consultation process, the full procedure process and the post procedure process to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the client. Students will be required to perform 6 lash lift applications and 6 lash tint applications to receive certification in this training.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Makeup Fundamentals
Students will identify the tools of the trade and learn how to create the canvas with various makeup products; recognizing which tools, techniques, and products create the desired outcome. Students will list the different face shapes and distinguish their characteristics. This course will prepare students to create the facial canvas on which all advanced techniques are based on.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Professional Skills for Makeup Artists
In this course, students learn and develop the skills and strategies required to function successfully in a professional setting using self-discovery, group work and peer review methods. Areas explored include the elements needed for developing a professional work ethic; strategies for presenting oneself professionally; the importance of various interpersonal skills to function effectively in the workplace; and identify marketing techniques and resources to build their portfolio using social media. Students will preform the steps necessary to complete a client consultation and develop a client consultation form.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. SFX and Creative Techniques
This course will introduce areas of the make up profession that are advanced and specialized, offering students more possibilities to enhance their creative abilities. Students will become knowledgeable in supplemental skills required beyond the standard make up techniques to introduce students to niche sections of make up and design. This course will focus on expanding knowledge in the techniques learned throughout the course to allow students to unleash their creativity through character and fantasy make up applications as well as introduction to the world of special effects make up for television and film.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Special Beauty Techniques
Students will learn to elevate the everyday make up application to a special event look, taking special considerations into account; creating dramatic evening applications, as well as applications for special events, photography, and unique situations. This course will focus on the advanced techniques and products used to create specific looks on specfic types of clientele.
Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Student Success Strategies
In this orientation module, emphasis is placed on thinking about achieving success from Day One. This module stresses the importance of developing non-technical skills to enhance personal, academic, and career success. This includes understanding learning styles and honing practical study skills, such as memory, reading, note-and test-taking techniques. Personal exercises will focus on teamwork, decision making and problem solving skills, setting SMART goals and maintaining a positive attitude; techniques for managing change, stress and conflict will also be explored.
Admission Requirements
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High school graduation or equivalent. For those without high school completion, please refer to the Program Overview at the top of this page or speak to your Education Consultant.

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