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In-Class: Instructor-led classes held in-person at one or more of our 4 campuses.
Hybrid: Instructor-led classes on a set schedule held remotely on video over the Internet, with some courses delivered in-person at one of our 4 campuses.
Remote: Instructor-led classes on a set schedule, held remotely live on video over the Internet.
Online: Flexible schedule with a set weekly pace and the support of facilitators when you need it; delivered over the Internet.
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We’re open today to ensure a brighter future for students tomorrow.

Since the COVID-19 precautions began, the Eastern College Team has worked tirelessly to continue delivering our programs through remote training. Our goal is to ensure our existing and new students continue to work toward their new career and a brighter future.

What is remote learning?

Many of our current Eastern College students are pursuing a new career by continuing their education through remote learning. Our instructors are providing lessons; assigning homework; and facilitating group discussions, presentations, and other classroom activities through video conferencing and other remote channels. Our main goal is to ensure our students receive the education needed to graduate into their new careers while delivering a learning option that gives our students additional flexibility and convenience. Read the student testimonials below to see what some of our students are saying about remote learning.

What does remote learning look like?

  • instructor-led classes
  • follow the same schedule with classes held at the same time
  • class discussions and debates continue through video
  • same in-class content is reviewed (i.e. presentations, case studies)
  • one-on-one student check-ins with instructors
  • learn new communication skills and technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to better prepare you for future work situations
  • it is not online learning as you are guided through the learning with your instructor and classmates

Technology Requirements

Learn more about the technology requirements that will help you succeed in a remote learning environment.

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Which Learning Option is Best for Me?

Want to find out about which learning option might be best suited for you? This tool will help you figure that out, help you learn more about the various learning options, and easily view the available programs for each of the various options.


I have been attending everyday and am doing very well with the remote learning classes so far.

Sierra G., Fredericton (Pharmacy Assistant)


Our remote marketing class is going over very well.

Ashley W., Fredericton