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A massage therapist once told us that it is the most relaxing job in the world, but also one that still holds genuine responsibilities. In order to provide maximum benefit to their clients, a massage therapist must possess a number of important qualities.
Here are five essential qualities commonly displayed by successful massage therapists.


You will deal with a wide range of people with very different needs. Young people and seniors may have difficulty describing their afflictions to you, while others may complain that your efforts are not helping them. Some people will arrive in a foul mood because of the pain they experience. Whatever the case, you must display patience, and a willingness to listen. Educate your clients on how you can help them, but never talk down and always explain techniques (and the reason for them) to the best of your abilities.

A Willingness to Learn

No profession is set in stone: there are always new things to learn and this applies to massage therapy. Take advantage of courses and seminars that teach new techniques and ways to improve the ones that are already in your skill set. These help to make you better qualified to do the best job you can for clients.

Caring about Your Clients

While it is important to maintain a professional distance, you can still care about the well-being of your clients. This includes making the effort to remember what does and does not work for them, their preferences in regards to pain relief techniques, and basic information you discuss during sessions. Extending this courtesy makes it clear that you regard the people you deal with as singular and important. This helps to make clients feel both relaxed and confident in your ability to assist them.

Being Organized

Another way you can demonstrate care for clients is by being organized. Have your massage area clean and ready to go when people arrive for appointments. Do your very best to stay on schedule and inconvenience clients as little as possible. An ability to stay organized is especially important if you ever plan to have your own practice and must also handle the business aspects that come with it.

Caring for Yourself

Even if this truly is “the most relaxing job in the world,” it is still possible to become overloaded and lax in your own self-care. Always make sure that your schedule includes time for you to spend with friends and loved ones, and be sure to maintain hobbies and other activities that provide relaxation and satisfaction.

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