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Did you know that barbering has been a part of human civilization for over 5,000 years? Some barbering and hair styling tools even date back to around 3,500 BC! It’s one of the world’s oldest professions. Some ancient cultures connected hair styling to spiritual practices in some form—even if it was just an annual shave (personal hygiene has come a long way since then, thankfully). Barbering is thought to have proliferated in ancient Rome, and the job has remained a staple of the western world ever since.

That’s quite a long tradition to live up to, so we’ve made sure that students learn to style hair the right way in Eastern College’s 32-week Barbering program. Jobs only go to the barbers who put in the practice!

The decline of the beard in late 1900s men’s fashion has prompted many barbers and stylists to tailor their jobs toward styling head hair rather than facial hair. With that said, skilled barbers still know how to give the proper form to a beard—it’s just not as common as it used to be. The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries put a fashionable premium on beards that we haven’t yet seen again in quite the same way.

Find Stylist and Barbering Jobs in Saint John

The New Brunswick Registered Barbers Association has approved Eastern College’s barber program. Our students get a competitive edge upon entering the job market from the approval of the province’s professional barber group. Saint John is the exclusive location for our barbering program, so students know that they are getting the most professional training available

Our students train for eight hours every school day over 32 weeks. It’s a craft that demands practice and a care for detail—less than a day’s worth of improvement simply won’t do! We know that our students are eager to add a personal touch to their stylist jobs, so we have them out of the classroom and making connections well within a year.

See a Stylist’s Job in Action!

Did you know that the Saint John campus actually provides haircuts? We do this so that our aspiring barbers and hair stylists can get real-world experience before graduating from the program. Our program provides no less than 200 hours of hands-on work experience to let students perfect their technique.

The program covers barbering theory and practical lessons, but Eastern makes a point of teaching people how to operate as a well-rounded professional too. Among other skills, barber and stylist students learn bookkeeping fundamentals, career planning, WHMIS, CPR, and first-aid training. Each student also learns how to operate as an individual barber, whether they join existing salons or open their own.

With hundreds of hours of practice and approval from the New Brunswick Barbering Association, our grads excel in their field and find stylist jobs quickly. They put in the time to learn the craft, so you know that you can see a barber from Eastern and know you’re going to come out with what you wanted.

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