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We are all the sum of our life experiences, and that also applies to work skills—what we gain along the way makes us better able to fulfill vocational roles. If you mention that your goal is to be a barber, most people just assume that means you learn how to cut hair. Obviously, that is the main part of the job, but there are other things that help barbers attain success in their field.


Some might imagine that communication in a barbershop would be limited to the basics and bits of idle conversation. However, a barber also must describe in reasonable detail what is involved in doing a particular hairstyle. If the customer does not know what sort of cut they would like, the barber must be able to offer options that both inform and entice them.

Those who have worked in customer service positions know the importance of being pleasant and to the point, while also making sure that customers understand the pertinent details. Those who have worked in publicity or marketing will also have a leg up on the competition in this area.

Attention to Detail

Obviously a barber needs to pay close attention when trimming hair in order to get the cut just right and not injure the customer. However, that attention must extend to all aspects of the shop: regularly sweeping up hair trimmings and cleaning the equipment, aiming for a look as clean as your average doctor’s office, being well-groomed, etc.

Attention to detail figures into a number of professions. In fact, unless you are a meteorologist, employers expect their workers to get things right most of the time. For barbering, vocational roles where you honed skills such as work ethic, time management, and observational skills are valuable.

Physical Endurance

There are down times where barbers sit around waiting for customers, but if your shop is successful, those are few and far between. You will be on your feet throughout the majority of a shift and frequently be sweeping up the work area.

Previous employment posts with similar work setups include retail, food service and preparation, health care, teaching, assembly line positions, and mail carrier. If you have proven that you can stay on your feet for extended periods in any of those jobs, then barbering should be a snap. If you have a knee or foot condition, or lower back pain, then you will find the extended standing difficult.

Looking for the barbering program that will help you obtain the knowledge and expertise to succeed? Endorsed by the New Brunswick Registered Barbers Association, Eastern College’s 32 week barbering program provides students with a thorough grounding in this time-honoured profession. Hands-on training at a barbershop gives participants real world job and makes them desirable candidates for positions in barbershops, salons, and the personal care industry. Students who wish to explore self-employment will also benefit greatly from the instruction offered.

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