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Whether you’re already certified in travel and tourism, or if you are considering your entry into the field, there are many opportunities to find an exciting, gratifying career in many different jobs within the travel and tourism industry. Travelling is a valuable way to experience the world, new cultures, and take in the beauty of the natural and human world.

With a degree in travel and tourism, the world is, quite literally, your oyster! Your degree will train you to work in hospitality, transportation, hotel management, tour coordinating, and countless other branches of the industry. Here are just a handful of things you can expect to do within the always-growing tourism industry.

Exciting travel opportunities

Working in the travel industry can afford you a number of opportunities to travel the world yourself. From translators to tour guides and managers, your degree will be valuable abroad for a great number of reasons. While you can, you should try to travel somewhere that interests you for an extended period of time – getting to know the country, the people, the language, and the culture you live in will prove to be invaluable to both your degree and your career in the future.

Volunteering is a great way to travel and learn at the same time – if you’re already in a degree program for travel and tourism, you should certainly consider doing some volunteer work somewhere that you could see yourself living. Not only does it look wonderful on a résumé and a CV, but you’ll gain valuable experience about a specific culture, language, and history that you can apply directly to your career!

Work in your home country

There are also a great number of opportunities to work in your home country – as a travel agent or a travel coordinator, you will need to work with both large groups, such as company staff and sports teams, as well as smaller groups such as families or friends going on a vacation.

Otherwise, there is an ample supply of jobs within hotel and resort management that could be appealing to you. Hotel management requires smoothly running a resort or other place of lodging, providing guests with the best possible treatment, and having an in-depth knowledge of the local, regional, and national culture – all things you will learn in your travel and tourism training.

A wide variety of jobs

No matter where you go in the world, there will almost certainly be a job relevant to your background in travel and tourism. As we’ve seen, transportation managers, tour guides, and travel coordinators are all in-demand jobs within your field, so it comes down to finding something (and somewhere) that works best for you. Having a well-balanced and diverse degree in travel, hospitality, and tourism can afford you both a desirable resume and a well-rounded experience, both in your education and in your career.

The tourism industry is always growing and changing, so staying aware of what options are out there is always an important thing to do!