Getting Personal in Placement

January 27th, 2021

I was very pleased to obtain a placement position at Sophia Recovery Centre in Saint John, NB. for my six-week professional placement module of the Child and Youth Care Worker with Addictions Course at Eastern College. As I was interested in the addiction component of the CYCW course, the opportunity to observe and participate in the work of the Sophia Recovery Centre was welcomed with interest and enthusiasm.

SRC provides a safe, hopeful, accepting environment of sharing, mentoring, and learning for women in recovery. I was given an orientation my first day of placement where confidentiality was stressed and as well, the importance of providing a warm welcome for any woman coming to the door. Relationship building is the key to helping women as they navigate their recovery. We have been fortunate to still be able to come together in this time of COVID 19 restriction. The women come, masks on, socially distanced to enjoy a coffee and conversation. They are welcomed and loved here. I could see that as I got to know the staff and clients better.

My classmate and I were introduced to and participated in the different programs offered free of charge to women in recovery. These included guided morning group meditation sessions, peer counselling, CBT individual/group sessions, study sessions of the 12 Step program from a woman’s perspective. I have attended AlAnon meetings during my time here which has given insight into how addiction affects family members. During placement, we were asked to develop and facilitate the delivery of weekly art therapy/recreational sessions. Our previous course modules in activity planning provided the tools and confidence to provide this programming for the center.

Although the pace is slower here at SRC than other areas of work in the CYCW profession, it is recognized that recovery is a slow process that is unique to each individual. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to be here in placement.

Andrea is a student currently enrolled in the Child and Youth Care with Addictions Worker program at Eastern College. 


Check out our 64-week Child and Youth Care Worker page to learn more about this program. With addiction being an issue more families are dealing with, Eastern College also offers a 72-week Child and Youth Care With Addictions Support Worker program, offering you the tools to help deal with their children’s addiction issues.