Health, Wellness And Recreation Coaching In Your Future

January 5th, 2016 / By Eastern College

Health nuts dedicate themselves to perfection and perseverance, which is why they often end up leading by example. If you enjoy leading and inspiring others, then we have a proposition for you! The Health, Wellness, and Recreation program at Eastern College gives you the knowledge and technique to impart proper health practices to others by way of teaching, coaching, and mentoring.
fitness instructor coaching client

Through coaching and mentoring, you will learn quite a bit about the human body, food, and exercise. The real value lies in understanding how these things all work together to create a healthy lifestyle.

Incredibly flexible career options

The program offers a lot of flexibility for your career. Not everyone can work with the sedentary 9-5 office schedule, after all. As a coach, trainer, or nutritionist, you can choose when and where to offer your services. Set up a business by your home, work in fitness clubs, or organize local events if you would like to stay close to friends and family.

If you don’t want to stay in spot, then you can take your expertise around the world! You can organize events that occur and move around the country, like the Terry Fox Run, the Colour Run, Tough Mudder challenges, and the many triathlon challenges held across the country. If you want to travel even further abroad, then you can host exercise and wellness sessions with cruise ships!

You’ll have a lot of opportunities to work everywhere, since you’ll graduate having prepared for the American College of Sports Medicine examination.

What do wellness experts learn?

You learn quite a bit about the human body, food, and exercise. The real value lies in understanding how all of these things fit together to create a healthy lifestyle, which you will then learn how to convey to others through coaching and mentorship.

Take a look at what the course covers in closer detail:

  • Human anatomy: how does the body work?
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise physiology
  • Community and civic life: learn organization and community outreach
  • Leisure program design and management: learn how to make a winning program
  • Group exercise: how do you lead a session?
  • Fitness assessment and design
  • Intro to bio-mechanics and applied kinesiology
  • The business of personal training
  • Advanced exercise techniques

Pay differs broadly based on location, part-time vs. full-time hours, place of employment, and clientele. Some people only work in entry-level jobs at part-time hours, while others will work throughout the day and week at irregular times to accommodate clients who pay handsomely. Most people need and want a personal trainer, even if they don’t have one!

Some personal trainers will earn over $45 per hour for their services, but the healthy median rests at $20 per hour. Based on full-time work, that’s a salary of over $40,000. Earning $45 per hour at full-time would net you a salary of over $85,000 per year! There is a bright future for wellness and recreation in Canada

If you’re ready to take your next career move onto the fitness track, then call us at Eastern to talk about when to start your new program. It’s never too late to train for a new sport, and careers are no different.