How The IT Gap Fuels Information Systems Administration Jobs

December 9th, 2015 / By Eastern College

Do you remember your frustration the last time your email client stopped working? Companies lose so much productivity from network failures. Research, sharing files, emails, and even teleconferencing can go out the window with a network failure. Companies simply cannot operate without their networks in 2015. Any number of things can cause network failures, which is why every company needs an expert on-hand to fix problems before they can spiral out of control.
IT Specialists working on a down system

It requires specialist knowledge of both hardware and software to solve a downed network in information technology, which attracts people who enjoy logic and puzzles.


The team dynamic that upholds the daily operations of most companies falls to pieces when their networks stop working. Inaccessible email, on its own, can hamstring several days’ worth of productivity. For all of the advances in communications and technology, we rely on electricity and the Internet for all of it on almost any given day. Sales, internal memos, calls, and group projects all come to a screeching halt.

Aside from maintaining a trusted brand image, most companies just find it cheaper to hire an information systems administrator than to bring in consultants charging a premium rate every other week. That’s why Eastern College offers a program in Information Systems Administration because of the market’s high demand.

The IT Gap Guarantees Growth

Around half of all companies don’t yet make use of technology in their business models. It may be a lack of understanding, but it’s rarely an issue of finances. And it’s not only large companies that experience IT problems, either. Small and medium businesses are always trying to become more profitable or efficient with IT solutions that cut out time and resources spent of labour-intensive processes. For example: Eastern’s students in the supply chain management program know that electronic databases have revolutionized the way that companies ship products.

This is important for several reasons, the first of which is that it takes a well-trained expert to solve the problems that crop up on a near-daily basis. Companies need people on-site to deal with them because they need a cheaper and faster solution than outsourced IT firms. The second takeaway point is that the demand for IT professionals will continue to grow for years, if not decades to come. Job security will continue to be synonymous with the IT field for a long time.

Information technology is for people who love logic and puzzles. Solving the puzzle of a downed network requires specialist knowledge of both hardware and software, and—of course—software receives updates on a regular basis. IT system administrators don’t just need to learn about the basics for the rest of your life; our program teaches students how to learn. Keeping up with a constant stream of updates is an integral part of success in the IT field.



If you love to solve puzzles and work with computers, then we want to hear from you. Call us at Eastern College to start your new career as an Information Systems Administrator with a high salary and job security.