Internship Experience Gets Grads Ahead

September 13th, 2021 / By Eastern College

The Importance of an Internship

A post-secondary education is quickly becoming a requirement in almost every workplace. Today’s employer wants to ensure that the individuals they hire are not only well-trained, but qualified, and set up for success, which is why mentorship and growth opportunities are so important. At Eastern College an internship is a compulsory component to most of our diploma programs. Students enrolled in a program with an internship will spend a minimum of 4 weeks in their respective field prior to graduating and receiving their diploma. The advantages to an internship are the ability to explore one’s field of interest while still studying, putting learned theory into practice, and building up a professional network. Employers who believe in the value of teaching and upholding the standards of their respective industry is what helps us to maintain some amazing opportunities for industry experience. Employers can put their minds to ease knowing that Eastern students are educated by Instructors with real industry experience who remain active in their field. The following letter is one of gratitude from one of our internship employers who was extremely satisfied with the performance of Sam G. who is a recent graduate of the Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker Diploma program at our Fredericton Campus.

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Internships are great ways to gain experience and real-life skills.

An Employer Testimonial

Good morning,
Just wanted to send off this email to you regarding your past student Samuel G. Sam completed a month of observation at the group home in which I run.
During his time as a student, Sam was always asking the right questions and truly immersed himself in the observation of our clinical home. It was obvious from the first conversation we had, that Sam had a passion for this line of work and empathy for At-Risk Youth.
Sam had his first Youth Support shift just under a month ago and has blown all expectations out of the water. Immediately, Sam has taken a strong role in our house. As a clinical house, we have a lot of documentation, notes etc. Sam is always eager to complete documentation and to make sure that he is supporting his staff members during their shift. We have had a couple changes on our team which has resulted in some new staff coming in sporadically. Even as a ‘newer’ staff member, Sam has taken time to explain to incoming staff the rules, expectations, and clinical programs within the house. It is uncommon that a new hire can come into a group home (especially a clinical one) and immediately make an impact on the client and the team! Sam is a natural caregiver. Sam brings this natural ability to every shift.
This email is a recognition of a couple different things! What a wonderful program at Eastern College, how supportive Allison is as an instructor (Sam speaks highly of Allison), and of course, what an amazing asset Sam is to our Team/Client.
If Sam continues on the path that he is going on, he will continue to provide the highest level of support and care for all At-Risk Youth that he works with!
We are lucky to have him on our team and within our company!
Thank you,
Eric P.
Case Manager, Capital Family Services

Building Skills Through Internship

Having had the opportunity to be evaluated by an active industry professional, Sam will now be on the fast track to finding his dream job. There are many cases where Eastern College students are hired towards the completion of their studies or upon graduation by their internship employer. An internship is considered work experience and can be used to enhance any resume or portfolio. Programs at Eastern stay up to date as we regularly consult with an advisory committee made up of sector professionals who help inform the needs of the field. With the help of our Career Services department, students get the support they need throughout the whole process of finding a job. Benefits of using Career Services are our dedicated Employment Specialists who assist with skill-building workshops, seminars, and one on one sessions tailored to the students’ needs. Employers continue to hire Eastern College students for internship placements and permanent job positions because of our unique approach combining modular in-class learning with hands-on field experience.

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