Why Eastern College Graduates Get Hired

October 26th, 2015 / By Eastern College

You’re here to get a job and a career, not just a degree with a Latin phrase on it. The state of the job market affects everyone harshly, which is why job seekers need to set themselves apart from the herd. Gone are the days when you could “just go out to get a job.” Employers want to see credentials for specialty training and a reasonable amount of real-world work experience under your belt before hiring anybody.
woman in interview after program placement shaking hands

With the guaranteed placement you can get with your program, you will have an opportunity to create a better career path.

Get a job, not a piece of paper

Start working as soon as you can upon graduating. Our programs arm you with placement experience as well as practical theory to implement what you’ve learned as soon as you leave the campus. That’s why so many students want to land volunteer experience while they’re still in school! The experience that you get in your program can make or break your early employment prospects. Getting placement experience is guaranteed at Eastern. It’s just that simple.

Small classes are just better

People learn more in small classes. That’s just common sense. You don’t want to be a number in a crowd that won’t be held accountable to learn, so we keep our class sizes to a minimum. Why would you pay all that money for a vague promise “somewhere down the road?” Get more time from your instructor and get intensive training that puts you ahead of people who just dozed off in English 101.

Small classes improve the quality of time that each student spends in class. It forces people to interact with each other in class discussions, group assignments, and in taking up assignments.
Students spend a considerable amount of time in class, too—usually  four hours per day! That’s before tackling assignments and readings for the day.

It’s no picnic, and that’s why you’ll be positioned to get a job in your field after graduating. Employers want to see ability and experience, not just the theoretical knowledge that can be found in a book.

Start now—or in two months

You don’t need to switch careers when it’s convenient for the institution—you need to switch careers when it’s necessary for you. Eastern provides monthly class start dates for most programs for this reason. Most of us can’t afford to wait patiently to begin training for a new career while our rent bills keep coming. This is a no-nonsense model that we’ve employed for years. It’s successful because it reflects the economic reality for most people.

Begin your program when it’s right for you. You can’t cut corners on the way toward a new career, so we’ve organized our courses to let you jump in at convenient places to let you keep your momentum.

Why wait to find out if it’s right for you? You could start training for a new career in a month, if you really want! You could be an accounting and payroll administrator, an information systems administrator, a supply chain manager, or a paralegal. Let us know what you want to become and we’ll find the right program for you.



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