Meet Your Instructors – Carl Britten | Accounting & Payroll

February 23rd, 2023


Carl brings over 25 years of teaching and business ownership experience to students enrolled in our Accounting & Payroll program. After graduating from an Accounting & Business program, Carl started his own business in electronic sales and tutored part time. Carl has also worked as an Accounting Advisor for the Business Development Bank of Canada. While still running his electronics business, he was hired as a full-time instructor in 1993, and has been able to draw on real-world examples to teach key concepts in accounting and business.

Carl sees the accounting industry as one that will never go away – there will always be a need for trained accounting professionals as long as there is growth in a business. He notes that students can find work in both the public and private sectors, and can even become self-employed and work for their own clients. With technology advancing, Carl says that the industry will continue to shift to cloud based accounting software and technologies, such as QuickBooks, to better help professionals track and manage the financial health of the organization they work for. He also believes that cloud based accounting software will lead to more remote work opportunities.

As long as businesses exist, there will be a need for accounting and payroll professionals. They have the knowledge and skills needed to ensure the financial health of their organization, whether public or private.

In the classroom, Carl enjoys playing an important role in retraining students for new and rewarding careers and the interaction between them. He also enjoys the fact that he is able to train the next generation of accounting professionals by passing on his knowledge to students. He is passionate about the success of his students, and actively encourages his students to dig deeper into concepts to better understand how they play a role in businesses while providing support when they need it. For Carl, one of the best moments in the classroom is seeing the result of a student’s hard work when they have grasped or mastered a concept or found their new career.

I believe that all students can invest in themselves by applying effort, critical thinking and problem solving, to achieve their educational and career goals.

Outside of the classroom, Carl enjoys cooking, caring for his vegetable garden, and spending time in the great outdoors.