Mohammad – #WhoWeAre

December 12th, 2022

I came to Nova Scotia in September 2013, I am originally from Bangladesh. I have traveled to around 27 countries, all related to my textile business.
Are you familiar with the Nova Scotia brand, East Coast Lifestyle? It’s a big circle with an anchor, it reflects where you belong to. I’m a textile guy, I’m always looking for new brands, if I could do something for them. I was able to meet the CEO, I told him my background and showed him my portfolio. I said, if you want, I can help you! He said he would think about it. After three months, he came back and said I could join as their Sourcing Manager. I spent three years with them. I introduced quality assurance systems to them, how to get the shipping to become more concise. The company has been growing for five years now.

I have a dream to work for Lulu Lemon. They are the only dream company I have in Canada, no one else. Perfect salary, perfect growth. I mean they are in Vancouver, but I will try my best.”