Must-Read Blogs For Budding Criminologists

May 10th, 2016 / By Eastern College

Studying the criminal mind is a fascinating venture. Eastern College students that study criminology gain the background necessary to fulfill designated roles within community corrections programs for youth and adults, youth custody facilities, security agencies, adult community residential centres, out-reach/cognitive life skills programs, and other related areas.


magnifying glass focusing on the word evidence on a table with crime scene items

Criminology has a rich history on both sides of the law. People in this field are often fascinated with learning all they can about the criminal mind.


Most individuals in these types of careers, have a fascination with learning all they can about the criminal mind. The field of criminology has a rich history and boasts a fascinating collection of people on both sides of the law.

Here are some criminology blogs that provide informative and entertaining reading for those students looking to expand their knowledge:

The Criminal Mind

Mind Hacks is devoted to Neuroscience and psychology, covering different aspects of human behavior and how the brain works. This blog posts interesting articles as well as frequent link roundups directing you to other interesting articles and sources of information on the web.

Another fine resource related to criminology, forensic psychology and psychology law, In the News examines pertinent news stories, publications, and film and television, discussing the accuracy and legitimacy of the content.

Flawed Justice

A Canadian resource by Toronto Star reporter Harold Levy, The Charles Smith Blog gets its name from the disgraced former head pediatric forensic pathologist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Levy’s site examines examples of flawed forensic science and miscarriages of justice around the world.

Founded in 1992, the Innocence Project is devoted to providing the evidence needed to free wrongly convicted persons. Their site’s news section provides links to examples of ongoing cases and death row reversal decisions in the United States.

Upscale Crime

When people think of the study of crime and criminals, the stereotypical image of a violent thug is often the first thing that comes to mind. However, the White Collar Crime Professor Blog reminds us that many serious crimes are actually committed behind closed doors in respectable institutions.

Criminology Resources at a Glance

An excellent round-up of stories, the University of Toronto’s Centre of Criminology Library Blog offers news, research, opinion, and comment related to the world of criminology and criminal justice.

A Bit of Everything

One of the best and most wide-ranging, Chris Uggen’s Blog finds the University of Minnesota professor discussing topics like public criminology and social media, violence against women, productive addicts, visualizing punishment, prison policy, the prevalence of violence in households with children, and the question of whether human beings are more violent now than ever before.

Thinking about working towards a career in this field? Eastern College’s Criminology Program runs for over one year and covers basic psychology, sociology, and criminology studies in tandem with a theoretical and hands-on look at the criminal justice system. In addition to seminars and workshops, students also receive an invaluable six-week field placement in the sort of work environment to use their newly learned skills.

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