Traditional Straight Razor Shaving Is Making A Comeback

April 11th, 2017 / By Eastern College

In modern society, companies are releasing razors with a higher number of blades, purporting smooth shaves for men. There are also countless shaving creams and gels, as well as aftershaves on the market. There are also many disposable products. Even if you do not use a disposable razor, the blades will only last for so long.

That said, recently the old school approach to shaving, which is traditional straight razor shaving, is officially making a comeback both in barbershops as well as within the home. So, why exactly is this happening? What tools would one need to engage in this practice? You have come to right place!

Relax and Satisfy

The whole straight razor shaving process does tend to take a little bit longer than the modern style shave with a cartridge razor and canned shaving foam. In a barbershop offering this service, you can simply lie there and close your eyes while someone else does the work, in which case relaxation is taken to a completely new level. However, when you straight razor shave yourself, you concentrate on the task right from making your own lather through to swiping a single blade. Many men indicate this kind of shave is extremely satisfying—more so than a modern shave.

Tools To Go Old School

So, what exactly would you need in order to perform a traditional straight razor shave in the comfort of your own home? Of course, you are going to need to find a high quality straight razor or safety razor. You can purchase either new or used razors online.

Consider steel quality, blade width, blade point, et cetera. Consult with an expert if unsure. In addition to the straight razor, you will need a high quality shaving cream (none of the cheap canned stuff) as well as a shaving brush to lather everything up.

The Benefits

So what are the major benefits to traditional straight razor shaving and why are more and more men turning to it as their shaving method of choice? First, after the initial expense of purchasing a straight razor, you would no longer have the regular costs of buying razor cartridges, which can get quite expensive in the long run. All you need is to regularly sharpen the blade and buy some shaving cream. As mentioned, straight razor shaving is cited as relaxing, since you have to slow down and focus. You are also being environmentally friendly since you need not buy and dispose of razor cartridges.

Train as a Barber

Barbering is one of the oldest professions in the world, developing from early cultural beginnings to what we recognize today. To many, it is considered an art form, particularly with a ritual like straight razor shaving. If this interests you, consider enrolling in Eastern College’s Barbering program, where you will attain all the knowledge and certification necessary to be successful in this career. For full program details, visit the Barbering program page on the Eastern website.