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More and more people consider their hairstyle a defining part of their identity. Barbers are still very much in demand, but gone are the days when people would simply go to the neighborhood barber shop for a casual trim. Barbering is a career with many positives for those who fancy themselves as both artists and people persons.

Here are five great reasons to become a barber.

Indulge Your Creative Side

Today’s barber does much more than just take a bit off the top and sides! Many people express themselves through their hairstyles and that means plenty of different looks to create.

Barbering allows you to provide a service that indulges and enriches your artistic side. When they become especially good, barbers often post pictures of their work online as a free way of attracting new clientele.

Meet Many New People

There are other jobs out there that allow you to interact with many people over the course of a day. However, barbering is unique in that it offers an extended form of customer service. You get to spend time with the client and even strike up a rapport.

When clients enjoy your service and appreciate your work, they become regulars. Their return patronage means you get to spend a good part of the workday with people you enjoy.

A Great Second Career

Tired of your career and looking for a change? For people of a certain age, the options can be limited. However, that does not apply to barbering, which is definitely not limited by age. Whether you decide to take it up straight out of high school or pick up a comb and scissors in your golden years, barbering is a viable choice for those with dexterity and dedication.

This is also a career where self-employment is common. Want to be your own boss and set your own hours? Prefer working out of your home? This is the job for you!

Job Security

Some men have embraced the shaved head look. While that it is a lucky development for those with a receding hairline, barbers need not worry: the vast majority of men will always be in need of their services.

No matter how financially impacted they may be, most men want to look good. They may start to search for a better price, but they will cut back on many other things before they give up their trips to the barber.

Improving People’s Lives

It’s true that barbers do not improve people’s lives in the way a doctor would. However, helping someone to look their best increases their self-confidence. A confident person puts himself or herself out there, meets new people, and explores new opportunities. They might even land a new job or attract a long-term partner because they felt good enough about themselves to take the chance.

Get started in this new and rewarding career by enrolling in Eastern College’s Barbering Program, which provides all of the essentials you will need. Approved by the New Brunswick Registered Barbers Association, it even includes valuable hands-on training at a barbershop. Grads are qualified for positions not only in barbershops, but also salons, and the personal care industry. The next step in helping to change people’s lives starts with changing your own.