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Some of our courses are fairly short in duration but have a number of components, which means you will likely be quite busy during your time in school. This can be especially true if you also have other responsibilities in your life, such as a job, or a partner and/or children.

Fortunately, there are ways to still get things done and have time for yourself.

Prioritize Through Scheduling

A typical week finds many of us quite busy. There can be so much to do, it is almost impossible to complete everything with any degree of quality.

Map out your week in advance and write down all of the things you will need to accomplish. Think about the ones that are most important and concentrate on them. Cross off anything that is not so significant or could be done when you have more spare time. Be sure to also leave yourself some leisure time in which you can relax and recharge your batteries—that is very important, too.

Tackle the Tougher Things First

Do you procrastinate? It is a common habit and one that tends to make people more anxious and unsuccessful. Is there something on the horizon that you are not looking forward to? You are better off getting it over with rather than putting it off. The longer you wait, the more daunting it can seem, and the more difficult time you will have.

Plan Ahead

Do you find it tough to keep up with your assigned reading for class? If you only have access to a quiet space two or three times per week, do all of your reading then. You will not only get everything done, but will also be ahead of the game!

Do you have a project due at the end of your class term that requires you to do some research or other advance planning? Don’t wait until the last week to get started! Even if you only find time to do a little bit per week, you will be better off than trying to rush it at the last minute.

Don’t be Afraid to Say “No”

No matter how well we plan things, something unexpected can always come up. When this happens, we can find ourselves in an awkward position: do we help a friend with their unexpected move or get that school assignment done?

It can be very uncomfortable to turn someone down, but don’t be afraid to. No matter how generous you are as a person, sometimes it is important prioritize ourselves. If you explain the reason for your decision to the person, chances are they will understand.

Take Good Care of Yourself

If you are busy and starting to run out of energy, it can be incredibly tempting to reach for coffee or an energy drink. These caffeine-laced products help for a while, but you will inevitably come down from this high and find yourself even more depleted.

Sometimes the best way to avoid a situation is to make sure that it doesn’t happen in the first place. Try to eat healthy and enjoy the benefits that a good diet provides for your body. Reach for fruit instead of potato chips, a smoothie instead of coffee, and a well-balanced dinner instead of a burger and fries.

You also need to get a good night’s sleep and regular exercise. Be sure to find the time for these as well.

Being more productive is well within your control. Practice the advice offered in these steps and soon you will find yourself doing more with less!