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Your job in health and wellness is to physically improve yourself, which means that you get to spend the better part of eight hours working out every day! That sounds tiring, but you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t up to the challenge in the first place.

Exercising is your Job

Whether you work at a fitness club or with clients one-on-one, you are exercising alongside those you teach. You won’t be putting in 100% of your effort into every exercise, of course, but nobody can do that for eight hours a day anyway. Instead, you will get paid to show others how to become and stay healthy.

Most people never find the time to exercise for half an hour per day, let alone a full day! You will be at the peak of fitness for as long as possible, and you will get paid to do it. All you have to do in return is help others find their path to fitness too—that’s a pretty good deal!

Become a True Leader

Many clients believe that their trainers are only responsible for weight loss and building muscle, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Trainers learn how to motivate and drive people toward self-improvement by igniting the fire within their clients—and this skill stands among the most desirable of successful leaders.

It takes an intuitive leader to work with truly difficult people, and you will know how to do this with experience in health and wellness.

Health and wellness recreational instructors know how to lead by example because it’s the single best way to inspire others. This includes public speaking, plenty of mentorship experience, and even touches on project management. Regardless of where you end up in life, you can pursue a successful career with all of these refined talents. Managers will hire people based on your hard skills, but they will promote you based on your soft skills!

Do not doubt that these experiences will play into your career’s future, either. Your résumé will impress people with your accomplishments and your skills. Use what you learn as a health and wellness instructor to play to your strengths as you advance up the career ladder!

Learn “Solutions Selling”

“Solutions selling” is a method of sales that finds a specific and customized answer to a customer’s unique problem. Not all health and wellness instructors realize that they know how to do this, yet it is one of the most important sales techniques of the last twenty years! The key idea is that you do not impose a one-size-fits-all approach.

Why is this important? Wellness instructors need to figure out how to help people become fit in a way that fits with their schedules, stays affordable, and adds a specific kind of value. All of these things change from person to person, which makes it a valuable experience in the art of the sale.

Proper Certification = Options

Enrolling in the Health and Wellness Recreational program prepares you to write the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) examination. This is a highly respected industry certification that signifies that you know what you’re doing in this field. Use this as a springboard for your career, and you will be well on your way to making money while staying healthy!