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Congratulations on earning your degree from Eastern College! A trades career can prove very satisfying and employment opportunities tend to be steady because these positions help fulfill basic needs.

Now that you are ready to jump in, there is the question of where you would like to work. Some Eastern graduates stay on the coast, while others relocate to different parts of Canada. It might not seem fair that qualified workers get less money for the same work in different parts of the country. However, do not forget there are often economics at work.

For example, it is much more expensive to live in a big city like Toronto compared to a small town in New Brunswick.

Here is a look at the salaries offered to workers in these trades in different parts of Canada. Data comes from the Living in Canada website and reflects the years 2014 and 2015. Dollar amounts below reflect the wage per hour. Salary ranges for the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut were not available.


Alberta has the best financial incentives here, offering a salary range of $25.50 to $45.00. Saskatoon comes second with $18.00 to $44.43 and Ontario presents a mid-range of $15.00 to $32.00. Nova Scotia is comparable at $15.00 to $41.20. As you progress further east, Quebec starts at $13.00 and goes to a high of $34.65. New Brunswick has $12.50 to $33.00, while Prince Edward Island has the low end starting salary of $11.33, progressing to a high of $28.00. Those interested in relocating to British Columbia can expect positions with a salary range between $16.00 and $37.00. Average wage here has a range of $19.00 to $34.91.


Let’s start from the West Coast and work our way east. Those interested in working for a British Columbia firm can expect a range of $14.00 to $39.32. Alberta offers the country’s highest pay, with $23.25 to $50.00, while Manitoba is $14.62 to $40.65. Ontario ranges from $13.50-40.00, while Quebec is $17.00 to $40.00. New Brunswick has a general starting pay of $14.00 and a high end of $40.00, while Nova Scotia is $15.00 to $34.00, and Prince Edward Island is $12.00 to $30.52. The average in this trade ranges from $24.86 to $38.13.


The average in this line of work ranges from $19.00 to $37.97. Starting from the east coast, Prince Edward Island offers starting pay in the range of $13.00 with a high of $30.00. New Brunswick is $11.25 to $29.02, and Nova Scotia offers $14.00 to $34.00. Quebec has a range of $18.00 to $36.00, while Ontario is $11.25 to $40.00. Manitoba is $15.75 to $37.00, Saskatchewan is $19.39 to $35.00, Alberta is $29.95 to $42.00, and British Columbia offers between $14.00 and $34.00.

Pipefitters and Steamfitters

Exact provincial salary ranges were not available for these occupations, but PayScale does provide national totals For pipefitters, the average wage is $32.90. The starting salary is $22.00 and the peak is $46.00. Steamfitters are looking at a starting salary of $22.14 and a peak of $49.99. The average salary is $39.28.

Interested in a trades career, but lack the education fundamentals? Eastern College delivers comprehensive programs that prepare students for careers as a Welder, Construction Electrician, Industrial Electrician, Plumber, or Steamfitter/Pipefitter.

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